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BPAL Madness!

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Scent Notes: rosehips and hemp with bittersweet balsam, mushroom, and patchouli root

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This smells like posh luxury! The rosehips give it a tart bite, smoothed over by a bit of patchouli with a hint of mushroom and balsam to ground. I can't pick out the hemp, which is fine by me. I can't compare it to anything although I think there was a similar set of notes for a Weenie or Yule that I missed out on last year. When I smell this and close my eyes, I'm in a beautiful traditional Japanese room with precious lacquered wooden items and books. Very comforting. Very posh/plush. Very glad I got a bottle!

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Wet: heavy 'perfumy' (amberette seed?) with rose, and a bit of mushroom in the back. Curiously this is the first bpal blend I've smelled with mushroom where it actually smells a bit like brown button mushroom in addition to the earthy default smell.


As it starts to dry, I can smell the patchouli finally start to peek out.


Dry my skin: it stays perfumey  followed by the dried roses note. The patchouli and mushroom are a whiff of earth in the background. It gave me a bit of a headache.


That dominant note is aromatic in a 'perfumy' way, sweet, but tempered by something mineral. A bit of salt?


Similar to Signum Crucis, which I prefer.

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