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BPAL Madness!

Sugar Cookie Spliff

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In the bottle: Sugar cookies and then weed. It's sweet and just a touch nostalgic and delightfully irreverent. 


On my skin:


Wet, it's weed first with sugar cookie coming back into play almost immediately. Given time to develop, my skin does eat the sugar cookie note a little, so it's Spliff... And, Oh, Yeah, Sugar Cookies on me right now. I am not complaining. 


That too was just a phase. Given time to develop, the two notes do find balance -- sweet, lightly vanilla baked good and weed. It kind of smells like being a teenager at big family Christmas and nabbing some sugar cookies to nibble on while you and your cousins disappear to share a joint in the backyard.


Definitely weedy enough that I won't wear it to school. But the two notes actually do complement each other beautifully, and it's a surprisingly harmonious fusion. 

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I was excited to try this one but my skin does not like it. The Weed and Whiskey 2021 duet was a surprise hit for me, but Weed and Sugar Cookies is no-go.


It does indeed smell delightful in the decant and on the tissue I used to open the decant, but once applied, it gets a stale, slightly burnt character, and fades fast for me. Looking forward to passing this on to someone who can enjoy it!

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Green herbs and sugar. Honestly, this is the less Sugar Cookie blend of them all. It's like sugary green herbs, and more like Absinthe's little sister? You know, not full hard core into hallucinogenics, but rather into a mood-altering softening, so softer, gentler, but the family resemblance is there. 

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