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This is the decant of a friend who loves metal and leather notes. They aren't as much my thing, but glad to try new blends.


With that disclaimer in place: Wow, yes, hello, metal. Steel with a side of steel, and, too, an ample serving of what smells like dirty leather, leather that has seen much use. The steel smells highly chemical to me, sort of paint thinnerish -- but with also a dull gray metallic finish. I think of dirty swords.


There's also a note that's reminding me of nothing so much as... gristle. Gristle cut out of meat.


Dirty swords, dirty leather, and gristle.

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I'm a fan of the lab's steel and leather (usually) so I had to have it for those days where I feel scrappy but don't want to announce myself like SkekUng or  War.


In the imp: I get where the chemical impression came from.  I almost didn't put this on.


Wet: Apples!  Like underripe green apple flesh.


Semi-dry: there's my (brown) leather and steel.  




L wrist: Something a little smoky in here? It could be leather continuing to evolve but that's all I get on that side.


R wrist: Old steel and leather.  It smells like the good parts of SCA fighter practice.


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I bought this purely because I read the notes and thought, "hmm, sounds like how NBC Hannibal would smell condensed into a bottle" so I had to have it. It's really nice! I'm not quite sure what the 'bone' note is, but there's something in here that reminds me of porcelain a little bit. I love leather notes, and this one is clean, old leather. It's worn, but someone's taken the time to clean it up all pretty. And the steel adds a nice brightness. I love this scent!

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