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BPAL Madness!

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I'm not sure if my nose is drunk, or if it is my skin chemistry, but here's my review:


This goes on as sweet, citrusy, and somewhat peppery (????) pomelo, accompanied by the white musk. The pomelo is somewhat similar to, but not as bold as a grapefruit note. Then it morphs and I'm reminded of something like a fir needle note -- like the brightness that can be found in some fir scents, which could be part of a peel note, but it is making me wonder if some component used to create the pomelo note is also used in some fir scents. By the end of the day, it's a very light pomelo and white musk on me with that fir-like note in the background.


Curiouser and curiouser!


I'm glad I got to try this, but I don't think I need more of it. I think it is nice, but I do not love it nearly as much as Pink Grapefruit and Pomelo or Grapefruit, Yuzu, and White Musk.

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I didn't even hesitate in blind-bottling this, and now I'm wondering why I didn't just order multiple bottles to begin with. Pomelo is one of my favourite fruits to just pick up and sniff (and sniff and sniff) and this is spot on! Perfectly ripe, juicy pomelo that only becomes sweeter (hello, white musk) throughout the day. Doesn't have a huge throw, but that's ok, I don't need strangers thinking I spilled pomelo juice all over myself.


For those unfamiliar with the fruit, it's an ancestor of grapefruit and it smells both less acidic and less pith-bitter than its descendant.

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I remembered that pomelo was citrus but not what type. On smelling this one, it was clearly grapefruity, but a little different. Perhaps a little more tang, a little more cheek. Like pomelo is a cheeky grapefruit. 🙂 In this fragrance, it actually smells both like pink and white grapefruit to me. The tang of white, but the pinker sweetness of pink grapefruit juice. I like the pomelo.


I'm not a white musk person, though, and it adds its usual powdery perfumey dust over the tasty fruit here.


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