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BPAL Madness!
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Cake, pastries, pies, treats!

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Looking for recommendations on GC scents that feature dessert smells! This can be hard, because sometimes something lists orange and it's a fresh orange, other times it's a shaving of dried peel, so hard to tell what may end up as a cake or custard smell. 


I am a huge collector of tasty treat dessert scents, especially fond of vanilla and cake/cookie scents, 

  But NOT, chocolate or butterscotch or spices (pumpkin spice is ew for me). 


   I tried searching for cake as a tag on the sales site but it didn't pull up much in way of notes! 


    I'd LOVE your recommendations, even if LEs, that smell like a bakery, or cake, or creme brulee. My skin tends to turn anything I put on to it into a foodie steam, so even things like Eastern Comma just turn into hot orange tea on me. 


My favs (*my two biggest favs of all time) :

Detestable Putrescence, Snow White, Dorian, Peach Vulva, Monsterbait: Closet*, The Hanging Gardens, Tweedledee, Antique Lace, Hope and Faith, Punkie Night, Honey/Bordeaux/Red Roses*, Eastern Comma


Pure hates: lavender, sharp florals, sap/pine/pitch/smoke unless it's very soft. 


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You will probably love Metal Twins, if you haven’t already tried it. 

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LEs: Perfectly Normal Childhood is a personal vanilla cake favorite though it does have cardamom. If you like incense I really enjoy All Souls which is cakes and soft incense.


GCs: Cockaigne is an absolutely fabulous honey cake. There's a lot of foodie situations in Mad Tea Party including but not limited to Eat Me, Knave of Hearts, Drink Me, etc. Hellcat is a boozy buttercream and hazelnut blend which might scratch the itch. Alisz- I wasn't sure if this is considered gourmand or not and you didn't mention mint but it's a very vanilla-marshmallow mint so I'll toss it in.

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Yay, a fellow foody! I also hate lavender and florals! Yay!



Adventuresome Encounters is a cinnamony, autumnal deliciousness, but not heavy, there’s a nice lightness. The cinnamon is not red hots cinammon, it's really very much like the marshmallow-drenched "candied" yams that are a staple for holidays in my family.

Please Scream Inside Your… ANYTHING. My personal fave is PSIY Snake Oil. 


Unsubtle Euphemism is exactly like milk bread, and would sweeten up with a vanilla or sugar SN. 


the Lick Its: mint + sugar + vanilla


imPEACHment is sweet on me as well, very fresh peach! Maybe pair it with a vanilla to get a cobbler?


Heirophant's Benediction: My quick note to myself is "comfort baking".


I find Obatala to be a bit foody, but I turn everything sweet 🤷🏼‍♀️

Dana O’Shea is lovely. 

Elegba if you like coconut. 

Miskatonic University 🤤 Irish coffee


Red Queen stays quite fruity on me - not quite jammy, but the dark red preserves. If you don't mind an undercurrent of woods, that's a nice one.


Kitsune-Tsuki is like a Jolly Rancher.


Bounce (TAL) is also like a delightful bite of orange candy/pez


Pro tip: I’ve had a lot of luck with “milk” scents, including rice milk and almond milk. Also try searching for "grains" and "butter."


the Dodo is like vanilla cookies with mango jelly. 

sed Non Gratiata is a baked good soaked in booze… so, nice if you like a booze note. 

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