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  1. ButterMoth

    Cake, pastries, pies, treats!

    Looking for recommendations on GC scents that feature dessert smells! This can be hard, because sometimes something lists orange and it's a fresh orange, other times it's a shaving of dried peel, so hard to tell what may end up as a cake or custard smell. I am a huge collector of tasty treat dessert scents, especially fond of vanilla and cake/cookie scents, But NOT, chocolate or butterscotch or spices (pumpkin spice is ew for me). I tried searching for cake as a tag on the sales site but it didn't pull up much in way of notes! I'd LOVE your recommendations, even if LEs, that smell like a bakery, or cake, or creme brulee. My skin tends to turn anything I put on to it into a foodie steam, so even things like Eastern Comma just turn into hot orange tea on me. My favs (*my two biggest favs of all time) : Detestable Putrescence, Snow White, Dorian, Peach Vulva, Monsterbait: Closet*, The Hanging Gardens, Tweedledee, Antique Lace, Hope and Faith, Punkie Night, Honey/Bordeaux/Red Roses*, Eastern Comma Pure hates: lavender, sharp florals, sap/pine/pitch/smoke unless it's very soft.
  2. ButterMoth

    Coral Snake (2016)

    I smelled snakeoil in my first few months of bpal, and wasnt a big fan, but many years ago (10+ maybe?) i ordered a bottle of Green Tea Viper, and could sense the snake oil IN it, but didnt MIND it. based on my love for green tree viper, i decided to try Coral Snake this time around, and i LOVE IT! in the bottle: reminds me of Punkie Night from many years ago! orange pith and cranberry juice and apple drippings, with something airy but earthy and dead. immediately on skin: the smokeyness i thought was earth comes forward for a bit, but the apple/orange/cranberry-ness stays sharp and at the front of my senses. its almost like in the bottle, cranberry/apple/berries/orange are all huddled up next to snake oil, and on my skin they all take a strong several steps out from snake oil, but they are all recognizable distinct parts of the smell. after a few minutes on the skin: the red berry/apple cider part of the fruit scents seems to stay, and when i catch a wiff, my brain goes "wait wheres the cinnamon", because usually i experience this kind of overwhelming apple accompanied by spices in craft stores in the fall. i am overjoyed that there is no cinnamon i can sense, however, as that is my -least- favorite part of fall as a whole, and i LOVE apples and cranberries. it has almost 'simmered down' to a honeyed scent, as though the apple/cran has been cooking in honey or sugar. the smoke is dissapearing. two hours later: i still have a hint of craft-red-apple and a biiiit of almost nag champa/charcoal if i look for it, but from a distance only the champa-apple mix remainds. overall: LOVE IT. ORDERING MORE TODAY. <3 edit: much to my delight, i do not get ANY floral (florals usually turn into something between baby powder and laundry detergent on me). this has much to do with my chemistry itself, so there may still be florals IN it, but i am pleased that the fruit and the champa-like note come together on top of it (or maybe the floral comes thru AS the champa scent im getting, who knows). either way, LOVE IT.
  3. ButterMoth

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    I unfortunately do not own a computer; does anyone know of a good list-y application that might be good for checklisting scents? I have to many I love/don't like, and can never keep track... To bad we can't just make a bpal app