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BPAL Madness!

Roll the Old Chariot

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Right off the top - butter rum lifesavers! YUM! Herbal/woody notes from the oak planks creep in next. Then the iron starts showing itself, which added a little metallic tang. Not usually an effect I look for, but I liked it here. Blended with the brandy & rum to have an almost tropical effect, fruity, reminds me of a pineapple cocktail, but with that solid iron keeping it from being too foodie. 


Lower throw once the rum mellows out. Tested from a decant that rested a day.

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Herby woody iron, with a whiff of booze. It's definitely metallic on the drydown. I feel like I am smelling something like fennel and coriander in it. Again, veering into masculine territory on me. Good throw and wear length.

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