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BPAL Madness!

Dead Leaves, Red Currant, and Tuberose

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This is more subtle than other DL scents I've tried. The creamy, sweet tuberose really balances out the sharp, cologne-y dead leaves note. The red currant makes it tart and sweet at the same time. It's almost like a Luper-blushed Dead Leaves blend. Medium throw and wear length. I only have a decant, but this one's bottle-worthy for me. 

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Tuberose and dead leaves. I really didn't get red currant from this, but I did get the tuberose, and leaves. Medium throw and wear length. This one is one of the softer DL blends of the release.

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In the imp: Tuberose and autumn leaves.


Wet: A very thin oil; noticeably moreso than others from this year's Halloweenies. Slightly spicy red currants and tuberose sprinkled on a base of crunchy leaves, reminiscent of a warm and sunny day in early autumn.


Dry: I slathered this because a) it's lovely and b) it was Halloween when I was testing. It didn't last long but I love it anyway. Medium throw, shorter lived than most (at least on me).


Stars: ★★★★★

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