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"Frosted" scents

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@murqmaid I know that others will chime in with more detailed descriptions, so this is just a quick answer.


Most of them smell like snow, but even then it can vary. Either slushy snow or chilly, minty snow. Sometimes it might be mixed with some ozone to give it that freshly-fallen, nothing outside, in the middle of a forest vibe. And one year's frostbitten collection can be different from the next years. It really varies. And how your nose perceives the snow note could behave differently than your skin chemistry treats it. Experiment!

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I usually experience snow notes as either a chilly mint or an ozone and light, sweet coconut blend.  But as @torikitty mentions, the lab varies things up a bit.  Usually, fragrances with that descriptor are going to be cool smelling rather than warm and comforting.  It also seems to me, they're usually on the lighter side.  They can last a while, but they usually aren't going to be the heavy, rich, decadent scents I usually love.  :D  Some folks love the snowy stuff.  I'm kinda ambivalent toward it.  You'll just have to try a few blends if you're interested and see what you think.  


You might try putting an ISO Snowy Scents up on the Wanted thread.  Just specify you're looking for testers and see what folks offer.  That way, you don't have to troll the swaps pages looking for the descriptors. 

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