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BPAL Madness!

Tengu Demon Using His Nose as a Phallus

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In the bottle, this smells like a lot of the darker BPAL red musk scents - nice, but pretty standard.  But once I put it on, I get a big ol' thrust of pepper right up the nostrils.  :ack:


Ok, I'm actually kind of digg'n it.  The sandalwood starts to come out once the pepper calms the heck down and there's a smoky quality to the whole thing.  Predominately though, this is a dark red musk blend with a pepper note that sticks around.  I bet it will age well.

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That naughty Tengu:

Peppery, smoky red musk.

But mostly red musk. 

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In the decant, I get mostly just red musk. On wet, the notes actually blend together on me and are surprisingly subtle. There's just some red musk and then everything else is indistinguishable from each other. After drydown I still get red musk as the base but am now able to pick out the sandalwood and black pepper from each other, and there's just a subtle smokiness to the scent. Even after drydown, though, everything seems kind of muted on my skin compared to what I was expecting. Even the red musk isn't particularly strong on me, and the black pepper doesn't really jump out. The scent is fine, but not something I'll need more of.

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