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This is far gentler than I would expect from all those strong notes.  I think the sandalwood and amber comprise most of what I'm smelling, though I do get a bit of cognac.  Honestly, the impression I get is more of a skin musk sort of scent than the incense I was expecting.  I do detect a hint of gardenia, in the background, but it's not a main player at first.  This reminds me a little bit of Sed Non Satiata.


That changes as this dries down and the fragrance begins to bloom.  The gardenia comes to the forefront.  It's still not a super heady white floral scent though.  The incense tames it into sort of a "gardenias at dusk" sort of vibe.  Something keeps threatening to go sour, making me suspect there's some unlisted skin musk in the mix - unfortunate for my chemistry.    😕  I'm not getting much champaca.  Mostly soft, musky gardenia and sandalwood.  :smile: 


I do love me some gardenia, and I have several versions of it that are of the lush, waxy, tropical variety.  This is a nice alternative, but Meshimori can't quite decide if it's going to behave itself for me, so I don't need a bottle.  I'll enjoy my decant and trust other gardenia lovers to have better luck.


ETA  I stand corrected.  This just gets better over time.  It takes an hour or so, but this does finally settle in, and it's a beautiful incense gardenia that last 8 hours plus on me.  I'm also hoping, with aging, that wait time will shorten.  I will be grabbing a bottle.  





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Ponderous white gardenia, a nearly equal amount of champaca, and a backdrop of red sandalwood.


The champaca and sandalwood lend their light textural, almost spicy qualities to the gardenia. This is still a pretty heady blend on me, though. 

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right off this is white champaca and a bit of wateriness. not aquatic per se, but a light, clear watery feel. maybe a little bit of cognac? it's kind of sour on me, not sure where that is coming from, since i believe all these notes usually work for me, so maybe it's a combination of notes. after about 15-20 minutes the scent sweetens up a bit and it's from a bit of gardenia. i also think i sense the woos now as well. this isn't bad but it's turning a bit sour on me so i think it'll definitely be a swap.


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