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BPAL Madness!

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Krampus is almost overwhelmingly red musk, patchouli and leather on me. Here, the snow note adds quite a bit of sweetness to that, and I get mainly a red musk, patchouli and a hint of wood switches. I find it way way more approachable and wearable than say traditional Krampus. I find that the snow note balances some of the red musk on me, which can be highly dominant. Good throw and wear length.

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OK I know this is a weird pick for a sweltering NYC August day...but I was going through some of my older crates and I hadn't opened this one yet, and was in the mood!  In the bottle:  Frost notes and Krampus' dusty rags with a hint of red musk.  On, wet:  Frost note starts to pick up in a chilly, minty, floral swirl, and the red musk asserts itself.  Overall combo ALMOST smells like tough-guy sweat on a dusty T-shirt that has stale Doublemint spearmint gum in the pocket.    Drydown:  After a while, everything settles down and I am left with an amazing red musk/dust/minty floral thing; for the minty floral think really old school Doublemint spearmint gum with a hint of white florals. Overall effect is still Krampus-feral, but with that minty whiff. Good throw and good wear length, 

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