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BPAL Madness!

Winter Dusk

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I got Winter Dusk to try for the blackcurrant.


Unfortunately, it seems the "indigo oud" is the fecal "black oud" in hiding. The blend reeks of dark berry poop on my skin, and my spirits sink.


In drydown, Dusk develops into black rose and blackcurrant poop. I don't notice birch tar.


Well. This is why we seek decants. A moment of gratitude for all the decanters out there. 🤗


There's a blackcurrant blend for me out there. If not today, some other day.

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Black oudh, blackcurrant, and black rose. Unfortunately, the oudh does horrible things on my skin. I'm not typically someone who can wear oudh.

If you can, I imagine this is an inky stunning blackcurrant-rose blend. Good throw and wear length.

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The "inky" oudh dominates this blend at the start.  This oudh is indolic (edging over into almost-fecal,) both wet, in my locket, and on my skin.  After about a half hour, the rose & blackcurrant notes make an appearance on my skin.  No birch tar, though :sad:.  It's quiet, and a good representation of dusk. 


I think it would be good for fans of delicate, atmospheric blends like Disastrous Twilight, who like a little indolic umph in their fruits & flowers.


Glad I got to try it, don't need a bottle.

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At first sniff I got a light floral that is more reminiscent of Spring rather than Winter. I didn't get any of the oudh.

When I applied, I could smell a high note of rose - fresh, clear and bright. This isn't like the Black Rose notes I was expecting, this is more of a clean, red rose scent. It almost smells like there is a lily in here, or some other kind of white flower. This is gentler than I expected.


After wearing for a few moments, I'm now getting the wispy, ethereal sort of scent I've gotten from some plum scents: Euterpe's Ukulele comes to mind. There isn't any plum in here, but the black currant creates a light plum effect. There is something clean and bold here, it must be the birch tar.


After a few hours I'm starting get some of the oudh to come through. The rose is still bright an clean, with the black currant keeping it as a high note. This definitely evokes the idea of bluish and purple shadows drifting through the sparkling snow while the deep blue of the night starts to creep in.


To me, this is a light, fairy like scent that could be that time in winter right before spring. This could be an early spring or late winter scent for me. It's almost too feminine and gentle, but the oudh brings it down just enough that I could see myself reaching for this when I want to smell a little brighter.

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