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BPAL Madness!

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So this started off a little disconnected and weird when first applied. Once it had a while to dry down it definitely has some red hots cinnamon. And then maybe a musk? I’m not sure. It is very hard to pin down. The dry down is much nicer than when wet. I’m not sure I’d wear it just as perfume, but I’m hoping I can generate a little good luck. 
No luck so far, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

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I applied some Good Luck before Ordo_ad_Chao's epic destash went live in BPAL Sales Madness. I think it was effective, because despite the frenzy, I managed to luck out and get every item that I asked for. So if you're looking to try this for its purpose, I'd say give it a whirl!


As far as the scent is concerned, this is primarily a sweet cinnamon scent. I have sensitive skin, but it didn't give me any grief. I believe there is some vanilla (perhaps bourbon vanilla?) here as well, which is more noticeable after the cinnamon calms down. It isn't necessarily foodie... like, it doesn't smell like a cinnamon roll. But smelling it does make me hungry. Or maybe that's just a Taurus problem? :P 


I'll be hanging on to my decant.

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