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BPAL Madness!

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Camming live from a basement somewhere in Arkham: pear juice, bloops of yuzu fruit, silty oakmoss, and glowing green musk.



Yuzu and pear dominate this scent for me. The yuzu especially, but as it wears on me, the pear comes out more and more. I get whiffs of the oakmoss in the back, but it's almost floral with the pear in this scent. Overall, a very fresh and bright pear and yuzu blend.

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Wet: OOOOOOOOO. Bright, refreshing pear and yuzu upon first sniff.


I love the scent of pear, and feel like it can get buried in so many blends; not the case here!


Dry:  The yuzu is the strongest scent now, with the pear trailing behind. The oakmoss is even further in the background, and it's only there if you're really looking for it. I think the green musk just kind of blends in with the yuzu and pear.



I think this is big bottle worthy. It's bright, juicy, fresh, and I'm just happy when I sniff it.

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Yuzu, pear, and green musk. Fresh, juicy, fruity! This one is so fresh and perfectly great for the summer. Great throw and wear length.


Did not expect this to be a standout.

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