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Security Blanket

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An olfactory plushie; comfort in a bottle. Vanilla absolute, lavender buds and essential oil, red labdanum, ethically harvested white sandalwood essential oil, palo santo essential oil, patchouli essential oil, and jasmine sambac with red sandalwood bark and St. John’s Wort from the TAL garden.


A lot is going on right now – A LOT – all over the world, and the upheaval is reflected in our personal lives. We’re coming out of 2018’s Tower’esque maelstrom, and many of us are still struggling to get our bearings. This small set of oils has been designed for ritual and can also be worn as perfumes because we could all use a helping hand right about now. 


Security Blanket was created, composed, and consecrated under the healing, calming auspices of Luna. As she wanes, may she remove the terrors and grief that clutch at your heart, and as she waxes, may she fill you with peace and tranquility.

Security Blanket really is comfort in a bottle. I have anxiety and insomnia, and this week has been a stressful one, so last night, I slathered some Security Blanket on my arms before bed, hoping it would help me have a restful slumber.


And it did!


It smells wonderful, too. The main notes that I got from this were lavender, palo santo, and what I believe may be the St. John's Wort (it was kind of medicinal). I couldn't evaluate it beyond that because I fell asleep before it had been dry for a while and didn't get to pick up on the other notes. But it was really, really relaxing. If you're a fan of lavender and palo santo, you need this.

I'll update my review if I end up being able to evaluate the scent after several hours of wear (without dozing off).

I am really happy to have this, and I wish it hadn't been limited to 50 bottles, because I would grab a back-up bottle if it were still available. I will cherish every last drop.

Thank you so much, Beth! :wub2:

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Dark red in color. I get lavender, labdanum, palo santo and sandalwood. This one is a mix of a sleepy lavender type blend and something like Power which actually seems to be amplifying the curative properties in this blend. It's not a lavender sleep time blend, but more akin to the rituals you have before you go to bed to get you ready to go to sleep. It's not knock you out to sleep, but more like slow down, breathe, and let sleep come to you.


I used this after feeling frazzled from a weekend of packing.

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It's mildly medicinal in aroma, but also definitely comforting, which I think is helped by the lavender. I only put a tiny amount on to test, but it's been a stressful period for me and already I am noticing a shift. I will use this sparingly, as I was only able to secure a partial bottle (about 40%! Nothing to sneeze at!) but I'm so ridiculously grateful to have this as part of my arsenal toward emotional wellbeing. ❤️ 

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