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Lilith’s guide at the Louvre was attempting to explain the difference in perspective between Medieval and Renaissance art by utilizing paintings of the Nativity and the Adoration of the Shepherds from both periods, and it fell a little flat when he assumed that she knew what the paintings depicted and she hadn’t a clue beyond the fact that they were paintings of a lady holding some baby.

Oops? Sorry, mom!


The scent of failing to pass on a Catholic education to the next generation: spilled sacramental wine, a splatter of vermillion paint, Bible leather, and a puzzled cherry chypre.

Boozey wine, hints of leather and chypre (I couldn't tell if it was cherry or not!). It dried down to a smokier booze, and the whiff of leather intensified. Deep, somewhat masculine, booze. Great throw (because that's how my skin chemistry rolls), and wear length.

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Wet: Immediately I smell the wine; the leather and chypre were there as well, but the wine is by far the strongest.


Dry: This is kind of a sweet, but mellow wine scent. The leather and chypre took off, and it's just a wine scent now, with fairly low throw.


I think I'll hold on to my decant, but it's not "wow"-ing me enough for a big bottle.

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I had to try Perspective.  First of all, I'm an art historian and occasionally try to teach perspective.  Secondly, I had a very similar experience taking my own kids to Europe and having to explain basic Christianity in museum settings.  But I didn't think it would work for me.  Red wine almost never does.  Perspective was a pleasant surprise, though.  It doesn't go into grape juice territory as the red wine note often does on me.  The cherry isn't overly sweet, either.  And there's something else there that is the vermillion note.  There's a little grit to this on me, it's definitely unisex, and I'll definitely be keeping my decant because it's an interesting scent that I don't feel like I have a handle on with just one testing.  

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