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Ritualcravt House Blend

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Black patchouli, teakwood, white sandalwood, saffron crocus, tobacco leaf, aconite accord, ambrette seed, musk seed, Dittany of Crete, and yew.

I did not use this for its intended purpose. This is a scent review from decanting this out.


I got mainly patchouli, tobacco, yew, and sandalwood. There is some dark green herbalness on the fringes, but it's mainly a dirty patchouli-tobacco-sandalwood blend on me.

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Scent/vibe review, Ritualcravt is definitely a patch- forward blend, but it’s patch surrounded by an old forest, deep and old and dark. Gnarly, yet velvety at the same time. Shadows and dense stillness.There’s something sweetening the patchouli, honey-like, maybe the ambrette seed? I don’t get too strong of tobacco note, which is good because I have a tumultuous relationship with it. 


I love it! 


I feel this blend would be an excellent guide into the shadow work, or in calling forth ancient ancestral knowledge.

Glad I got a decant, and am considering if I should give in to a bottle.... Maybe, after I try Hekate’s Garden and consider if I’ll do enough ritual to warrant the $ splurge. 

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