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BPAL Madness!

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The second series commenced at 15, Southhampton Row, on Wednesday evening. Into the present course, the medium, Mr. Shepherd will introduce some of the more marked peculiarities of his singular performance. He sings at each concert in the soprano voice.


A marked peculiarity: tonka bean and red sandalwood with orris, lemon peel, and leather.


In the imp: A very light, almost powdery scent. I'm getting mainly the orris, with just a touch of leather and vague sweetness - maybe the tonka? There's a hint of a zing at the tail end, which I'm guessing is the lemon peel, although it's not identifiable as so at this stage.


Wet: The orris is still dominant, although now the leather runs a close second. No zing, lemon-y or otherwise, though. No tonka or sandalwood that I can detect, alas.


Dry: Tonka and sandalwood arrive to save the day! Now the orris/leather (mainly orris at this point, tbh) combo is elegant and subtle, not overwhelmingly powdery. This now smells like the dusting powder an elegant Victorian or Edwardian lady would use. Still no lemon peel that I can pick up, but perhaps that will improve with age.

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Red sandalwood, leather, and a whiff of tonka. So yeah, sandalwood and leather. Good throw and wear length.

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Wet: The orris is coming out strong here, with just a touch of leather; so it's kind of like a clean, powdery leather scent.


Dry: Mainly orris, with a little bit of tonka bean. Leather usually doesn't disappear on my skin, so I'm a little surprised that it's nowhere to be found now. (I also wish the lemon peel would have come out.)


Nice, and non-offensive, but nothing I'm crazy about.

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