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Boy with Goat in a Landscape

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Rudolf Koller
Grapevine and ivy, olive blossom, lavender, cypress, bay leaf, honey myrtle, Tuscany sage, and jasmine sambac.

This one is mostly a yes on me.  I didn't bottle it unsniffed because I dislike grape but this definitely smells of grape vines not leaf or fruit.  Oddly, honey myrtle has been problematic before also but it's balanced by the sweet and floral notes. 


Open, wet is definitely the highlight of this cabrito for me,  it was lovely osmanthus, grapevine (I've smelled those in vivo,  this is my first encounter in vitro) and a zingy ivy but just a hint. 


Drying,  this has gone mostly floral with jasmine sambac bitch slapping the tamer plant notes. The sage and cypress are in subdued support. 


This unfortunately becomes a jasmine dominatrix scent which means I may now have an amplifier problem whereas I've previously maintained a mostly symbiotic relationship with it.   I'm probably going to pass up a bottle upgrade but I loved the top notes.  I'm going to search for a partial I think or a few more decants and try this in a scent locket because the wet opening was everything I wanted from this.  Plus,  label art = adorbs.  It's definitely a purchase factor for me. 

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Jasmine, olive blossom, ivy and other greens. This is a dark lush jasmine with other dark green herbals on the background, sort of leading to cool, green Mediterranean garden on a summer day. Very evocative.

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Boy with a Goat in a Landscape is a floral-dominant scent on me. The jasmine, olive blossom, green ivy, and grapevine seem to be the main players on me. I was hoping the lavender would be prominent, but it was very short-lived. Cypress was another note I was hoping for, but I don't get much of that, either. There's a bit of sage and bay leaf, but they're confined to background roles.

If you're looking for a floral, herbal blend, this may be up your alley. But it's not for me.


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