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BPAL Madness!

Unwrapped Bath Oil

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Lotus blossom, cardamom, myrrh, agarwood, and frankincense.


Lotus, agarwood, and resin. This one is a floral-resin blend, and its gorgeous. It's like a fancy spa water bath.

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Unwrapped was one of my first bath oil loves and still holds an important place in my bath arsenal.  Perfumey from the agarwood and resinous from the frankincense and myrrh. Cardamom’s dry spice lurks in the background, and the lotus floats above it all, delicate and sweet.

I wear this when I want to exude High Priestess energy. A Queen of my realm and the bridge between dimensions. Unquestionable faith.  Confident and capable. Eyes drawn upwards as light pours from the Heavens. Mouth opens and commands attention.  
This scent wants to be worn in sacred meetings and in preparation to enter altered consciousness. I love it before bed, meditating on dreams to come. Unwrapped, yet emerged in the veils between worlds.

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