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Black Phoenix Trading Post presents you with a happy accident: our line of Crimson Peak Home & Linen sprays are available for a limited time in 5ml perfume blends! We have a limited quantity of labels remaining for these bottles, so don't miss out!

Heady jasmine drifting through the air, eclipsing the scent of a rapidly-drying bloodstain and the smoke of a snuffed beeswax candle.

Heady jasmine indeed! I honesty cannot pick out the "bloodstain" or smoke, but do get the snuffed wax. As it dries, it becomes very close to a jasmine soliflore. As a jasmine fan, I appreciate that!

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I like this even more in the perfume oil than in the atmosphere spray.  The floral doesn't come off as sharp on my skin as it does in the atmo; it's like sweet, honeyed jasmine flowers with only a teensy bit of perfumey sharpness (that I actually enjoy, as it cuts through the sweetness of the beeswax).  I don't get any smokiness or blood, but it's a decadent beeswax scent.  It smells like pressing jasmine flowers into melty, golden, sweet beeswax, and it gives off this beautiful, softly glowing, candlelit feel.  I find this scent to be very comforting and calming.

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