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BPAL Madness!

Red Apple, Black Tea, Frankincense, and Vetiver

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[No additional description provided.]

This on me is mainly a frankincense and vetiver with a whiff of apple. The vetiver is smoky and gritty on this one. Medium throw and wear length.

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So, I have a decant from @VetchVesper that says Black Apple, Black Tea, Frankincense, and Vetiver that I think goes here as it seems the closest note match. 


In the decant: Apple (red, medium sweetness), a whiff frankincense, and an undercurrent of vetiver. Black tea is evident when I close the vial back up and breathe in the remaining fumes. 


On my skin:


Wet, the apple is dominant and slightly sweeter (more Gala, less Fuji) than it was in the vial. As it dries, a bit of vetiver comes out. 


Verdict: I amp apple, which is a thing I knew. There's a very faint whiff of frankincense if I stick my nose close to my skin. I never do get tea. 

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I received this as a frottle and it is a full winner for me. 


Freshly applied, a sweet Red Apple leads, gliding along on the arm of Black Tea, waving at the crowd. (I feel like there is a crowd.) A sophisticated vetiver-frankincense base soon arrives to support them. 


As this dries, the combination is lovely. Black Tea, Vetiver, and Frank add an attractive depth. The three of them together keep reminding me of leather.


When I checked which event this was for, I wasn't surprised, because this blend has had me picturing an NYC leather-heavy red carpet event. While NYCC is not exactly red carpet, it can have the long lines to get in, so it has the outside crowd in common.


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