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Pomegranate Grove: Morocco

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[No additional description provided.]


In the bottle and while it's wet, Pomegranate Grove: Morocco smells like Kool-Aid spiked with mulling spices. When it dries the spices come out more, but it's faint. I don't get Morocco from it at all yet, but maybe that will emerge with age. The pomegranate isn't as strong as it is in Persephone, which is the most similar scent I own. It doesn't make me think of Halloween specifically, but it's a scent to wear when I'm tired of being hot and just want autumn to get here already. In other words, it's appropriate for October in North Carolina.


My skin eats this right up, so I'd have to slather and keep reapplying if I wanted to smell it at all by lunchtime. I applied it on my throat, on the sides of my neck, on the inner and outer wrists, and in the crooks of my elbows. An hour and a half after applying, I had to lift my wrists to my nose and huff. Now, in the late afternoon, there's a ghost of the pomegranate remaining on the back of my left wrist and it's gone from everywhere else. It might have more throw and staying power in my scent locket. It's certainly pleasant, but not something I'll need more of after I finish this bottle.

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In the bottle: A red fruit scent that I would describe both as "sugared" and "tart." It does smell like the pomegranate soda I sometimes drink. I can't smell any of the notes present in Morocco.


On my skin:


As it dries, something creeps up to make this more than a pomegranate single note, but I can't say for certain which Morocco note it is (probably not the cassia; sandalwood is my best guess). It's all quite faint, though, as my skin also eats up this scent in its entirety.


My last bottle of regular Morocco was one that wanted aging, so it seems reasonable to hypothesize that age might help this one as well.


Update 11/24 -- Tried this again, and the Morocco is more detectable now. It's still a close-to-skin scent on me, and it still doesn't last all that long -- but it doesn't disappear nearly so soon as it did before. 

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Wet: Primarily Morocco, with just a hint of pomegranate in the background. 


Dry: Super faint on my skin now. (To be fair, my skin tends to eat normal Morocco, so I'm not totally surprised.) Much like the Snake Oil version, this one hasn't changed much on my skin.


I actually prefer this over normal Morocco, but.. it's still not bottle-worthy for me. (However, if you DO enjoy normal Morocco, I highly recommend trying this out!)

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In the bottle this smells strongly of pomegranate.  It’s hard to identify which other scents are underneath the fruit.


Dabbed on the skin it’s still juicy pom, but I can smell some spice.  It smells a bit smoky to me, and sweet.


After drying the pomegranate has lessened and the spice remains.  This is a dark scent, but it isn’t heavy.  It doesn’t change very much on my skin.  The scent is consistent from bottle to dry down, for the most part.  


I have not tried the original Morocco (it’s been out of stock for awhile) but I am even more curious to do so after trying this pomegranate iteration.  The spicy notes are pleasant.


After a few hours the scent is fainter, but it hasn’t worn off completely.  I wonder how much will change after ‘resting’ in the bottle to let the different components age?  I don’t regret picking up a bottle of it, but I’m also not wowed as much as I hoped to be.  Perhaps that will change given some time.

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