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BPAL Madness!

Dragon Bouffant Hair Gloss

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Fiery cherry sugar whirled into guava cotton candy.

In the bottle, this makes me think of cherry Starburst!

I sprayed a few sprays into my wet hair, and at first, it’s a blast of cherry. The cherry isn’t the type that’s medicinal and makes one think of cough syrup. It’s definitely a deep cherry (but not dark like black cherry) sugar that makes me think of cherry candy (I can’t help but thinking of Starburst). Once the cherry calms down somewhat, I can smell the guava cotton candy in the background. It definitely does have a fuzzy, spun sugar feel, so you can tell it is guava cotton candy and not straight up guava. This does not have an intense guava note like Drag on a Slime or Xanthe, the Weeping Clown. I get more cherry than guava from this.

For those that are wondering about the fiery descriptor, the cherry in this is not spiced, but I do feel like it tickles the nose a bit if I hold my hair up to my nose to smell it (but only after freshly applied).

Applied to wet hair, it becomes really faint after a few hours, with just a trace of cherry. Applied to dry hair, I can still smell the hair gloss hours later, and the guava cotton candy is more noticeable. The cherry sugar is still the most prominent note to me, though.

I was tempted by three of this year’s Dragon Con hair glosses, but I only let myself get this one, and I am happy with my choice. :D I was worried it might be too sweet, but it is actually not that sweet for having fruity sugar and cotton candy notes. (Last year's Mlerm was too sweet for me.) And the boy thinks this smells nice!

Now I just need to find some perfumes to pair this one with, because I don’t have any cherry perfumes in my collection!

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This is a deliciously sweet hair gloss. To me, this smells like F#@K plus guava cotton candy. Definitely heavier on the cherry note than the guava.

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Cotton candy with a hint of cherry and guava. It's a slightly fruitier, very pink cotton candy blend.

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