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Winters unmeasured | ere earth was made
Was the birth of Bergelmir;
Thruthgelmir's son | was the giant strong,
And Aurgelmir's grandson of old.

The father of a new era of Frost Giants, survivor of the deluge of blood that erupted from Ymir’s mutilations. Winters unmeasured: blue spruce blanketed in sleet, cypress smoke, yew berry, and frozen, brittle stems of lavender.

First, in the bottle and wet on my skin, I get blue spruce as the strongest note, but its needles are woven with lavender threads.

After drydown, I get lots of a somewhat woody-toned berry, which I take to be the yew berry. After a while, I find that this berry has taken over.

Bergelmir has an overall quality of faraway, remote conifer woods, perhaps slightly haunted in the tales of a few villagers, with a distant smoky quality.

I like it! For me it's wintery, but nature-based and a bit moody, rather than having any sort of constructed holiday vibe.

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I'm not the best at reviews, but since there's only just one so far I'll give it a go!


I just read Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology earlier this year, so I was immediately interested just because of the name.


In the bottle, it smelled very strong.. almost menthol like (which I guess is the spruce and sleet), and I wasn't sure how I was going to like it. I could also smell lavender and a faint berry smell. Wet, it was pretty similar. The lavender starts to come out a little more. I wish I got more lavender in this. It doesn't seem to stick around for long, but I guess it does evoke the idea of frozen lavender that might only peak out if the sun hits it and melts it a little.


Once it dries down, I can smell the spruce, but it really starts to smell like berries (almost like cranberry, but not) that I guess is the yew berry. I never really get any smoke. I really like this. All winter, I was wishing for the perfect iced winter berry and evergreen scent, and when I put this on today I knew I had found it. I'm glad I got a bottle.

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Wet, I get very strong spruce, sleet, and smoke. I don't pick up lavender or berry. Very masculine and winter-outdoorsy, but it mellows on drying. Did not last as long on me as some of my other spruce/pine scents but I'm happy that the sleet is just like the Sleet HG which is a favorite of mine. Great pairing.

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Strong spruce, sleet and a touch of berry. As it dries, I get way way more of the berry note in it. This reminds me to a more masculine Skadi. Very Yule-ish. Gender-neutral. Great throw and wear length.

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In the decant: I get a blast of the blue spruce and sleet, followed by the cypress smoke and the yew berry.


Wet: The lovely sleet-covered blue spruce note, which I recognize from Blue Spruce and Snow-Capped Pine is the star of the show, backed by the cypress smoke and the yew berry. The lavender in this is really light, and the smoke part of the cypress smoke isn't too smoky.


Dry: The yew berry is more prominent during this stage, making this primarily a blue spruce, sleet, and yew berry scent with some cypress smoke wafting through the wintry forest.


Verdict: This is a lovely winter scent! I preferred the wet phase, when the yew berry played a lesser role (I'm not a big fan of berry scents, and I think the berry in this is stronger than in Skadi), so I don't need to hunt down more of this. But if you're looking for a wintry forest and berry scent, this should be right up your alley.

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When my recent order arrived, there were two scents that had me swooning :wub3: just from the initial bottle sniff.

This was one of them, so I was excited to try it after it had a chance to settle a bit.


Once on the skin, Bergelmir took me on a journey. Wet, deep blue (leaning towards indigo) spruce, slightly sweetened (is that you, lavender?)

combines gloriously with a slice of chill and is tempered by a hint of smoke. This stage is fairly brief, contemplative, bordering on broody.

I felt dark clouds gathering at dusk over a velvety thick evergreen woods. There's just time to make a dash for a cozy little cabin as sleet

begins to streak down.


Crossing the threshold, a tasty, warm (and a touch waxy) berry scent takes over. Let's say someone has been thickening bumbleberry pie

filling in a copper pot atop a softly glowing wood stove. The wafts are mouthwatering and the forest and weather outside are left behind.The

clouds keep looming and the sky keeps spitting ice into the treeline, but that's all happening on the other side of the candlelit window pane.

Indoors, all is snug and delicious! :yum:

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