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BPAL Madness!

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Results not guaranteed. Ginseng root, crushed ginger, damiana essence, cubeb berries, and horny goat weed accord.

in the bottle: tart WTF is THAT green cut root.

On application: Ginger? Ginseng root? Definitely a woody, freshly-cut root scent, sharp and somewhat unpleasant. The finish is much better, as something more citrussy, like ginger root — and it's clearly the fresh root, not powdered and not the spice. I feel like I'm slicing up ginger in my kitchen for a recipe. This dries as practically a ginger root single note.


Beth is just amazing. Her skill repeatedly astonishes me. She does such an incredible job of creating these scents!

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Ginseng, ginger, woody, and citrussy. There's a weird rootiness to it. Good throw and wear length.

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Imp: ... Dubious ginseng for sure.

Skin initial: Slap in the face. Zesty ginger/ginseng right up in there. Kind of funky smelling, rooty.

Drydown: The spice sticks around. This is peppery, ginger-fresh, zesty, but earthy. It's like the feeling the gin/fizzy soda BPAL give you, but while staying firmly in herbal territory.


It kind of grows on me. But it's definitely got it's own swaggery funk.


Verdict: It's a romp through a witches spice garden while everything is bursting with ripeness..


But that curious funk will prevent me from getting a bottle / wearing this much. I bet some will love it though. Fun to sniff - you should try it out.

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