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BPAL Madness!

Black Hats

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So who were the guys that grabbed me in the parking lot? Mister Wood and Mister Stone? Who were they? The lights of the car illuminated the winter landscape. Wednesday had announced that they were not to take freeways because he didnt know whose side the freeways were on, so Shadow was sticking to back roads. He didnt mind. He wasnt even sure that

Wednesday was crazy.

Wednesday grunted. Just spooks. Members of the opposition. Black hats.

I think, said Shadow, that they think theyre the white hats.

Of course they do. Theres never been a true war that wasnt fought between two sets of people who were certain they were in the right. The really dangerous people believe that they are doing whatever they are doing solely and only because it is without question the right thing to do. And that is what makes them dangerous.

And you? asked Shadow. Why are you doing what youre doing?

Because I want to, said Wednesday. And then he grinned. So thats all right.

Gunpowder residue, patent leather, pomade, and aftershave.

I mainly get gunpowder and whiffs of both pomade and aftershave. The gunpowder seems heavy on the vetiver, but as it dries, I get more of the leather coming through and it dries down to a smoky leather blend. Actually, this smells just like a men's black leather jacket. The gunpowder on wet could probably scare off a number of people, but if you like leather, I'd suggest giving this puppy a whirl. Leather isn't a friend of mine, or mr. zee_zee's but this could be a potential replacement for DeSade, as its a straight up black leather sort of smell.

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Bpal's gunpowder note doesn't really work for me. It reminds me of rust and dirty pennies. I get that and smoky, chemical, black leather. Reminds me of the Leather series Luper blends from this year, which all read rather sharp and chemical rather than a natural, soft leather scent. I expected this to be soapy and cologne-like, but the pomade and aftershave aren't showing up to the party. The overwhelming leather and smokiness in this is not my friend...

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I don't know why but this smells like the Ocean City boardwalk. Warped wooden boards baking in the sun, radiating their heat. Dripping black spackling tar. Rusted metal struts. Sunblock and clean towels. 


As far as smoke goes, I find I vastly prefer the dry creosote smoke of gunpowder over, say, the meaty chewiness of the lab's woodsmoke note (Storyteller, Liz). It feels like a truer, darker smoke as opposed to a sweet barbeque.  


The black leather in this doesn't carreen into chemical territory, thankfully, and I think that's due to the aftershave and pomade. There's oakmoss in here, probably sandalwood. So it's the aftershave and pomade of the Old School, not the newer aquatic types. Another blessing. It's warm and comforting with just a hint of flinty coolness. Classy and old fashioned. Wood and Stone.  


Overall it's definitely masculine, like a 1940s steelworker. I love smelling like this. It bet confuses people. 

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