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BPAL Madness!

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Moonflower and iris root with French lavender, tuberose, white sandalwood, night-blooming gardenia, vanilla orchid, and moss.


In the bottle, there’s a lovely lunar lavender, and some tuberose.


On my skin, I get moon-dappled lavender, just a little tuberose, other background flowers, and a light sandalwood. This lavender is dreamy, with light green and herbal tones, but not sharp. There’s also a ghostly vanilla hint, which is combining with this particular lavender to remind me more of Solstice Scents’ Lavender Vanilla than of any other BPAL I’ve tried. But LV has more vanilla, and Lullaby simply has more going on for me during the wet phase.


My friend really amped the tuberose in this, but it stays mild on me.


After this dries, I get a little moss coming out. It’s mild and pretty, but faint. The flowers subside, also, into faintness. Soon after it dries, Lullaby mostly disappears on me. The song has ended.

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Oh wow. Lavender with sweet whispers of gentle florals. I'm not noticing any sandalwood or moss. I can't identify moonflower but if that's what I'm smelling, MORE PLEASE. Sends me off to sleep dreaming of starry night skies.

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Dude I thought for sure I made a review about how this is the perfect scent for a King Diamond concert, what the Hell? Ahh well, Lucille must have burned it! A beautiful creamy lavender wet on skin, reminiscent of Yvaine, probably the closest I have come. Where Yvaine is bright and sparkly, this is creamy and bright, with moonflower lending a white nocturnal floral element, but doesn't damper the soft vanilla. I agree it's somewhat dusty, too. One of my favorites, and yes, I wore it to the King Diamond show. ;)

tldr ghostly soft vanilla lavender white floral

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