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BPAL Madness!

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Quitely creeping into the castle window, the book theif tiptoes across the library in the dark shadows of night. Moonlight streams through the open window, gleaming across the spines of thick leather-bound books. She moves cat-like along sculpted shelving, knowing exactly where her target resides. The dark blue cover is covered in occult symbols. She runs nimble fingertips lightly along the edges of the thick soft pages and inhales deeply their sweet scent, encapsulated between dense leather. It seems to be whispering for the girl to unleash its secrets, promising power. An unearthly chill runs down her spine. Knowing better than to give into the lure of opening the volume without proper preparations, she tucks it into her cloak and retreats back to the window ledge. With one last glance into the gloom of the library, the thief vanishes back into the night air like a phantom. 


The Maniscript is full of imagery, full of forbidden knowledge and dark purpose. A story unfolds in each sniff. I’m enamored. 


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