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BPAL Madness!

I am Tired of Tears and Laughter

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White lavender, oudh, and Siamese benzoin.

I'm... not sure how to properly review this other than one word.


This is very well aged, and seems to have only grown more potent.

I am Tired of Tears and Laughter, and this bottle is tired of messing around with delicate little scents.

I love herbals. I love lavender. But this on me at least seems like a bowling ball, rather than a walk in a gentle field of lavender. 

The Oudh and Benzoin are both notes I am unfamiliar with, and they are rolling over this for me, taking the lavender along for the ride and amping it into something that while not unpleasant is too strong on me in all the wrong ways. I'd love this on someone else. I'd love this with half the power.

But I am weak, and lost in the storm of resins I succumb to it.

May it find a better home, someone stronger than I...



It's an Oudh party, and I seem to have received someone else's invitation.


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