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Scents that remind you of famous people...

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I have no idea if there is already a topic like this one, and if there is, I apologize in advance in front of the moderators and accept to be merged with it or mine being delated...

I was thinking that since there is a thread to say what scents make us think of fictional characters, maybe there could be a thread to say what scents make us think of what famous people, historical or contemporary...

For example, I find N°93 Engine makes me think of Isaac Newton.


I was looking for something that would make one think of such personalities as Richelieu, Marilyn Monroe and Haendel...

If anybody could recommend something, and just say what scent inspires hims what personality, it would be very interesting...



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I'll play:


I imagine Attila the Hun wearing Wrath, for some reason.

Henry VIII would wear Sed Non Satiata

Catherine the Great would wear Lust

Richelieu: Cathedral

Anna Pavlova: Ave Maria Gratia Plena

Amy Winehouse: Hellcat

Camille Saint-Saëns: Danse Macabre, of course

Sarah Palin: Bluebeard

Dick Cheney: Malice

Leona Helmsley: Troll

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OMFG. I need to have a Bjork scent!


And a Nick Cave scent, and an Eugene Hutz scent.


:lol: at some of TastyMischief's recommendations.


I'm not sure about Richelieu and Haendel, but maybe Lady Macbeth for Marilyn Monroe? It has a kind of robust, femme sensuality to it.

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Hollywood Babylon = Madonna, IMHO.


Bjork...hmmm...I'd imagine she would jump at Sprinklecake...


I can imagine Tori Amos wearing The Mysterious Warning...or Rose Red.


Ani DiFranco might like Banshee Beat or Goblin. :)


Just my musings


And Trent Reznor might wear Sin...

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