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    Well, it's been interesting, but I cannot stay on this board. Most here will have their opinions as to why I am leaving and I am sure this will please many, but since this note will most likely be deleted by the mods I see no reason to explain what happened, you might as well go straight to the powers that be and get the "official" version.


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  1. TastyMischief

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Lolita, Jailbait, O, Morocco, Fae. Ave Maria Gratia Plena, Fae, Lady of Shallot.
  2. TastyMischief


    From its earthy, spicy opening, it keeps on expanding and softening throughout the dry down. While the patchouli acted as the main player at first, it now seems like ALL the notes are trying to balance each other out, not one is trying to play center stage, it's a perfect blend of earthiness, mystery and come hither flair. It's a great seductive scent that will leave a ton of unanswered questions in its wake, "who is she?" being the first and last one on everyone's mind. Does it evoke lust? That depends on the wearer, of course. But I can definitely see how a light silage of this following a woman in a crowd would catch the attention of quite a few people. It is, however, a less is more scent: Overdo it and people will laugh and run away while holding their noses. Do it right and you will leave many with their knees shaking and their every thought fused in your direction.
  3. TastyMischief


    The melon and tobacco combo is unbearable to me. No can do.
  4. TastyMischief

    Brown Jenkin

    I have an imp of this so I decided to test it. And I'm in loooooooove... OMG this is the perfect coconut: Not too sweet, it conveys the feel and texture of coconut rather than the taste, which is why b00cat finds it not foody, I think. This is a wonderful scent! Cozy, cuddly, nurturing, pretty, soft, warm and (yes) fuzzy. A security blanket scent for grownups. This is totally the scent I would pick on days when I wear my cashmere ruana.
  5. TastyMischief

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    I see scents of opposite in your aura. Darkness is incredibly beautiful to me. It has the depth and stubbornness of evil, but it uses it for beauty instead. (at least that's how I experience it, lol) Bengal comes off as an all full of piss and vinegar tiger but soon starts purring, rubbing foreheads and gets all contemplative. Black forest opens up with a shriek (the scent equivalent of a flying spin hook kick, if you prefer) and then mellows down to a fluid, quietly executed form.
  6. TastyMischief


    I won't talk about the notes because everyone has done it so well there's little that can be added. But here are my impressions of the scent: I don't get the name of this scent at all: Rage? Hatred?? Are you kidding me??? What I get is piquant mystery, wondrous exoticism, an achingly beautiful enchantress who, without a word, leaves a trail of questions and troubling memories in her wake. The scent is spicy, yes, but the spice is counteracted with softness and mouthwatering yumminess without getting in the teenage foody mess, somehow. To me, it conveys calm, centeredness, focus, all perfectly balanced with that take no prisoners-dead on sexy-terminally seductive streak that comes from self knowing, confidence, and the kind of class you can only be born with because it's too elusive to be acquired. She's Bengal's better educated older sister. If there's any wrath in her, it's the icy hot white revenge born from lots of deep thought and reflection, years after being wronged: you won't remember you screwed her over by the time her vengeance slams down on you, and you sure as hell won't recover. Once her payback has been dealt to her satisfaction, she stretches contentedly and purrs like a cat basking in the sun. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, I so totally looooooooooove this, whoa!!!
  7. TastyMischief

    Scents that remind you of famous people...

    I'll play: I imagine Attila the Hun wearing Wrath, for some reason. Henry VIII would wear Sed Non Satiata Catherine the Great would wear Lust Richelieu: Cathedral Anna Pavlova: Ave Maria Gratia Plena Amy Winehouse: Hellcat Camille Saint-Saëns: Danse Macabre, of course Sarah Palin: Bluebeard Dick Cheney: Malice Leona Helmsley: Troll
  8. TastyMischief

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Iris, those are great!
  9. TastyMischief

    Sed Non Satiata

    Incensey, musky, boozy floral. There's something troubling and addictive, in this one, I can't put my finger on it. Sort of a "forbidden" skin scent: like intimacy exposed, almost a stealth predator with lascivious, lecherous intentions, a narcotic seduction leading to raw celebration of arcane eroticism. This isn't "having sex", it's full on fucking. The sillage suggests everything your parents never want you to know about. Complete with the disheveled, sweaty, raccoon eyed look , the voice worn and hoarse and the exhausted smile. This is another favorite.
  10. TastyMischief

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Game of thrones: Cersei: Hellcat Jaime: Sin Jon Snow: Black Forest Dany: Dragon Blood Tyrion: no, not Imp. He wears Sed Non Satiata Catelyn: Prurience I'll think of the others later.
  11. TastyMischief

    Black Forest

    Wet on skin: Pinesol on crack Drying: Softens considerably, feels cool and breathy Drydown: The scent of skin and hair after a long walk in the woods Verdict: This is superb. The ambergris and black musk combo is the tits!! I got this unsniffed in a full bottle, I'm so glad I did! ETA: Good god, this stuff rocks. *swoon*
  12. TastyMischief


    Drop dead gorgeous for half an hour, but turned flat, generic, then plasticky-soapy. Will retest. Retest day: SUCCESS!!!! This is unfathomably beautiful. The narcissus tamed down a bit, the scent got a little powdery, gently musky, the myrrh and opium stayed perfectly balanced. Simply gorgeous.
  13. TastyMischief


    Oh, I so wanted to love this one... And I did, for the first half hour. It was so damn pretty. But then it turned flat, like a soapy/plasticky nightmare just sitting on my skin like a very unpleasant guest. I had to wash it off. I will retest it in the future, though.
  14. TastyMischief


    Why O why does this smell like plastic vanilla, on me? No spice, no woods, no musk, just icky plastic vanilla. Will retest at a later date. Retest: Oh boy, what a difference temperature makes! When I first tested this, the weather was cool breezy and dry. But tonight, the air is sultry and warm, and wow, this scent needs warmth to develop on my skin. It is indeed gorgeous. Soft. I now smell a salty musky vanilla, sandalwood, some very soft and subtle spices. Beautiful. The scent is not a heavy hitter, though, it is a skin scent, which is even better. Perfection.
  15. TastyMischief


    Mmmmmmmmm this is niiiiice... Spicy soft, sweet, warm, deep, this stuff just glows and smolders non stop. I love it. A winner. EDIT: I'm happy to report that I have found my bpal sig! The more I wear this stuff, the more I love it. I need a new bottle. It is actually getting harder and harder to describe this scent, as it gets more and more personal with each wearing. Suffice to say that it is a perfect blend of spiciness against powdery softness, a little sweet but just right, not too much, wonderful veil-like musk. This one has all I want, nothing I don't.