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  1. TheFrenchWaffle

    Warrior Unicorn Florals

    My two cents, Pepper-Wild English roses, French gardenia, vanilla, honey, golden ginger, blood orange, pine resin, pink pepper, crushed berries, tuberose, bergamot, and geranium. I really love this one because it is floral, but it also packs a punch with the pepper and ginger.
  2. TheFrenchWaffle

    Rose-ampers discuss. What rose scents can you wear?

    My skin loves rose. However I have noticed that I either get a lovely full-bodied rose, bubblegum, or a strong pickle scent. I am not quite in the know on the various types of roses used in perfumes, but am getting to know the differences as I try scents. Turns to pickles on me: Maiden, Blood Rose, Moscow, Whip (more like floor cleaner), Wicked, Pink Snowballs (plastic pickles), Rapture, Ouija (or was that just rosewood?) Bubblegum/candy: Titania, Harlot, Namaste, Ode on Melancholy Full-bodied/layers: Belle Vinu (favorite bpal ever), Seance, London, Knave of Hearts, Jezebel (another favorite)
  3. TheFrenchWaffle


    I absolutely adored Öndurdis and am kicking myself for not buying a bottle. I had heard so much about Skadi that I had to try this one out. In the bottle: BERRIES! big red berries, cranberries? But mixed with an evergreen scent. Smells like a candle or potpourri, in a good way. Wet: Still a very berry sort of scent (I'm not a huge berry perfume fan). Then a big rush of something that can only be described as "cold". I get the pine/evergreen, but this is something more. This is what I loved about Öndurdis. Dry: the berry has retreated to the background, allowing for the colder notes to dominate. Final thoughts: I am going to be honest, I really prefer Öndurdis. While Skadi is a beautiful scent, it gives me the impression of melting snows and slushy berries, which is very lovely I might add, but, Öndurdis is the smell of waking up first thing in the morning to a fresh snowfall. I will be holding on to Skadi, but will be looking forward to the lab hopefully bringing Öndurdis back for a future yule.
  4. TheFrenchWaffle

    'Pink' scents

    Desdemona see-sawed between "white" and "pink" for me and eventually went more towards the pink side, I think it was the sweet pea might have something to do with that ("sweet pea, carnation and water lily")
  5. TheFrenchWaffle

    The Perfect Lavender

    TKO is a good sweet (almost marshmallow-y) lavender from the Panacea line, the trading post also has a bath oil in it. I would second Paris as a gift, for me it worked well in a burner rather than my skin.
  6. TheFrenchWaffle

    Boudoir concept

    Jezebel for perfumes, Cathouse (trading post) for room/linen spray.
  7. TheFrenchWaffle

    Floral Haters Gonna Hate

    Shub-Niggurath, described in some reviews as "evil gingersnaps" I get a deep molasses ginger cookie scent this one has a lot of throw. Miskatonic University is also among my top ten foody scents and worth at least an imp.
  8. TheFrenchWaffle

    I am Tired of Tears and Laughter

    I have found my perfect lavender scent....and it's an LE. Years ago while studying in Rome I bought this handmade lavender perfume spray from a convent/monastery. It was perfect. lovely herbal lavender with a hint of lemon zest and something ever so slightly woodsy. For some reason it just clicked for me, comforting and ever so slightly nostalgic. Perfect. And I never found anything to match it. Until now. Wet: A very herbal, woodsy lavender. Almost a faint hint of fennel or anise. I guess I would classify this as unisex if I had to. Drying: I'm not sure of what oudh smells like, but perhaps that is what is giving this more strength. The benzoin adds some depth, but lavender remains the Queen here. Dry: The lavender continues to reign supreme. This is the lavender I want my life to smell like. Herbal, yet deep and slightly woodsy. Truly an amazing blend. Final verdict:Thank you to the swapper/seller who slipped this in as a frimp, I never would have thought to order this (not knowing what oudh was). I have ordered two bottles now, and I never buy backup bottles before I finish with one.
  9. TheFrenchWaffle

    Auditions, what to wear?

    I am so jealous of your season, what a fantastic spread! When I was auditioning I went light on scents (just in case anyone was sensitive/allergic) For As You Like it, I would definitely go with something floral like Helena (for female roles) or woodsy like Dee or Black Forest (male roles). Hedda Gabler is perhaps one of my favorite dramas of all time. For auditioning for Hedda I would go for something more complex/multi-layered like Tamora or La Belle Dame Sans Merci (for females, more specifically Hedda herself) or for the male characters something like Wilde or Dorian. Grey Gardens is an interesting show with very interesting characters, just for the pun of it I would suggest The Madwoman (previous seasonal) or, more seriously, something more fitting for the setting of the show: The Hamptons.
  10. TheFrenchWaffle

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I went to post this yesterday but the malware warnings blocked me. One of my guilty pleasure shows... In general I think Bewitched would be a good fit for Storybrooke, Jezebel for Regina, Black Forest for the huntsman/Graham, Pepper (Gaiman line) for Emma (it has a feminine yet feisty feel), The Rose for Belle (it's more girly than Belle Vinu), Jailbait for Stroybrooke version of Red. That's all I have for now.
  11. TheFrenchWaffle

    Sugared incense

    This may be a bit of a stretch, but have you tried Bastet? The myrrh in it really plays up nicely with the other notes (on my skin at least), creating a very nice blend.
  12. TheFrenchWaffle

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    That movie was part of my childhood. I think the most obvious choice would be Selkie. I would also add, for the overall feel of the environment of the film, The Deep Ones (Black algae, drooping seaweed, salty brine, and crushed coral), Cockaigne (milk and honey, sweet cakes and wine), Dana O'Shee (Offerings of milk, honey and sweet grains), and Glasgow (The rich scent of wild blackberry breezing over gentle rosy heather).
  13. TheFrenchWaffle

    Oil recommendations for studying, learning, exams

    Bumping this because dead week and finals week are fast approaching. I am currently writing my last history research paper (hopefully not my very last paper, if grad schools work out...), and find that Bastet with a bit of Block Buster keeps me focused.
  14. TheFrenchWaffle

    romantique delicate flower bouquets

    Seance (A mysterious, enigmatic blend of dry, mellow rosewood, crushed rose leaf and the slightest touch of warm hazel) has my vote. For some reason whenever I wear Seance I am reminded of The Importance of Being Earnest.
  15. TheFrenchWaffle


    First off, congratulations on your success, Zmulls. Personally, It depends on the venue that I am in. For instance, at the local opera company people tend to wear scents with a moderate throw, so I don't feel too out of place if I wear something like Dorian or Belle Vinu (smells nice up close, but not uncomfortable for others). While at a smaller theater where people limit their scents, I will wear something light like Mr. Ibis. Of course character also plays (PUN!) a role (another PUN!) in my scent selection as well.