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BPAL Madness!

Creamy Spicy Florals, a/k/a Florientals

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Second the Hermia recommendation. I get an almost gingerbready level of sweet warm spice from the pink peppercorn. It has good throw and lasts a long time, too.

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Hell's Belle - all the way!


I'm actually searching for more scents like Hell's Belle - so recs are appreciated! I haven't come across any other scents that are similar. I love the creaminess/spice. I adore magnolias and gardenias also. They remind me of home because they grow everywhere here in Louisiana!

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Seconding Pepper, it's a floriental for sure, but the pine undercurrent keeps it different and youthful.


Marquise de Mertuil is also in this category. The peach is a neat twist, and don't be scared of the vetiver. This vetiver just smells warm and dark, not acrid or scary.

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Spooky Action at a Distance is a great "floriental" -- rose tinged resins, with a bit of a dusty vibe. A gorgeous take on "old lady" perfume, to be honest.


I'm testing Chimera as I type this. It seems to get a lot of love around here and I can see why. It's about as close to a traditional oriental as I have encountered from BPAL. I honestly don't get a floral note, but many people do get the honeysuckle based on reviews. I get mostly copal warmed by cinnamon with myrrh hanging on in the background and maybe the faintest touch of floral sweetness. A really smooth and spicy, slightly floral oriental.

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I would like to nominate Hearts for Ghost Friends for this category. Not too spicy as in a cinnamon or peppery component, but definitely floral and definitely creamy. One of my new faves and actually a completely random buy when picking something else up. The florals (magnolia, oleander, and rose) are well blended and none overtake the blend. Frankincense adds some depth. It also has fantastic throw and wear length. A possible similar scent would be Winter at the Capitol (oleander and roses) which has no resin but also a few more light florals. Would love thoughts from anyone whos tried it as I really want to


ETA that i tested Winter at the Capitol and although it is lovely on its own i wouldnt classify it as spicy or resiny. the florals are similar and its lovely in its own way but the overall vibe of Winter is a much lighter floral with a hint of that white floral soapiness (possibly from the iris?)

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Here are a few more recent perfumes I might put into this category (which I still adore):


La Prostitution et la Folie Dominent le Monde

The Eternal Queen

Blossoming Vulva

Alabaster Vulva

Round Dance

Cave of Treasures

Blossoms in Springtime

The Bride

Lovers in a Rice Field

Flickering Lantern

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A few more suggestions on the creamy floriental category:

Cock Stamen (2018 Lupers)

Moon of Saturn: Telesto

Cat Chasing Butterflies (2018 Lupers)

Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements (2018 Lupers)

Pearl in the Volcano (2018 Lupers )

Zarita the Doll Girl (Carnival Diabolique)


Volcano in Springtime

Ivory Vulva

Vivid Enjoyment of Memory of Rupture

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Volcano in Springtime was entirely vanilla cream and sandalwood on me, no floral notes, but I enthusiastically second Cave of Treasures and The Bride.


This is a lab discussion thread, not a post thread, but I'll add that Three Couples HG from this year's Lupers is an amazing gently-spiced fig & orange blossom that pairs beautifully with spicy florientals and that I'd kill to have in perfume oil form.

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