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BPAL Madness!

Hemlock Honey

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Hemlock honey.


In the imp: I probably should have decided to test Hemlock first, since I have an imp of it. This reads as green and somewhat waxy to my nose.

Wet: The honey note is the first to greet my nose, and then I'm hit with a blast of the hemlock, which is green and sharp. There's a coolness to this that actually has a cooling effect on the area on which I applied it, and it smells very green. It makes me think of a medicinal balm more than honey.

Dry: Once dry, the scent loses it's sharp, bracing quality and smells a lot better, but it has this green, masculine quality to it that makes me think more of a honey-laden cologne than honey. I really wasn't expecting this one to smell so sexy! After a while, the honey note gets stronger, making the hemlock more appealing. I prefer this phase of the scent.

Verdict: The wet phase of this scent was a little too sharp for me, but I really liked the dry stage. I don't know how much I'd reach for it, but I think I'll hang on to my imp just because I liked the dry stage a lot (and I'm curious to try it on my boyfriend). :)

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Imp: Sweet, green, waxy (?), lingering tone of honeycomb

Wet on skin: Where'd you go? All the sharpness instant vanishes and I think there's honey there somewhere. *SOAK* my skin just gulped it up. I got nothing. Invisible scent :lol:

Drydown: Honey creeps back first. Almost musky deep sensuous honey. Waxy touch. God if all honey stayed like this on me I'd be the biggest fan in the entire world. This brief little moment of melted honeycomb is to die for. Something green keeps trying to poke out but can't cut through. it keeps it smelling fresh, I think keeping the honey from overpowering. It stays serious beautiful sensual on me.


I have no idea what hemlock is supposed to smell like. And honey seems to be hit or miss on me. I've started avoiding it because I think I amp it like Rose and carnation, and it just takes over the entire world. And while it can smell nice, I don't really want to smell like a bottle of honey usually. This one doesn't get there. This is tempered down and god I'm going to sit sniffing myself all day now.


This reminds me of the waxy note in candles moon (tried recently so fresh on my mind) splashed with honey. It's working out really beautifully and I'm fascinated. It MIGHT border on powdery, if my chemistry goes wonky at some point. But then on other moments it vaquely reminds me of Bengal (that sort of encompassing skin musk-esq something). I love this one so far.


Overall; Sensual musky melting honeycomb.

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In the imp: Honey mixed with a sharp, deep, greenness. 


On my skin:


Wet, it's predominantly honey. As it dries, it develops a facet that's almost evergreen and almost waxy. 


Aaaand... this is where it stays on me. 


It's actually very nice on me. The green note keeps the honey from veering into cloying territory. Unfortunately, the fact that my skin reads hemlock like evergreen makes this a honey scent with limited usefulness on me. 


Medium throw. 

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