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BPAL Madness!

Reptoid Dominion

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Malevolent superintelligent para-dimensional shapeshifting reptoid musk.

In the vial, this has a sweet floral high note swimming over a background of cool, soft musk. On my skin, however, it morphs into a citrusy scent, like lemons floating in a pool of floral perfume, making it both a biting and sweet scent at the same time! After a few hours this has the sort of 'fuzzy' musk scent, reminiscent of the musky fuzziness which also lingers in Dracul, Lupreci 2006 and Spellbound. It certainly morphs, although musk is one constant throughout the various changes!

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I am such a fan of Whitley Streiber and all things extraterrestrial and conspiracy related. Black Helicopters was one of my favorite series the Lab has ever done. I have yet to get my hands on a bottle of Reptoid Dominion, but I have cherished my decant for a few years. I wore this when I read Streibers 2012, a War for Souls (the book is about Reptilian aliens taking over Earth). Whenever I smell this, I think of the story (which is horrifying) and feel totally creeped out.


When first applied, Reptoid Dominion is a slithering green musk. I don't know how Beth does this, but it's amazing how, as the dries, the musk flashes from brown, to green, to black, giving the impression of shimmering reptilian skin. This is masculine and aggressive, much like Reptilians are. It's not something to wear as an every day perfume but one that I reach for when I'm looking for the experience it gives me.


Wonderful! 5 stars! :wub2:

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Oh my god. Why are they not selling more of these these days, this is AMAZING.

It's really hard to describe (I mean, reptoid musk really does it justice) but it's a dusty, dark and slithery musk. There's only a subtle, tiny hint of vetiver in there for me, which trust me I am very happy about. What a complicated thing. There's also aquatics, frankinsence- and applied on my skin, it just makes me feel evil. Doesn't morph much from the bottle.

There's something tangy in there, like a lime, which gives it a spectral and mesmerising edge...
If I had more of this, I would wear this literally all the time.


There's also something in it that screams "dusty hippie shop" but it's absolutely not a bad thing.

So glad I was able to pick up a bottle off etsy (and I desperately need more). :love!:

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