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For me, one of the strongest notes is the balsam. I live in Humboldt County, CA and we are very well known for one of our, um, crops that the balsam bears a strong resemblance to, scent wise. 😁


Bottle: Not much smell at all--dry and dusty, and sorta not there.


Wet: Holy Cannabis, I mean Balsam, Batman! It smells like I walked into a cannabis grower's home where lot's of vanilla incense is burned. The haze could be overwhelming, but it's not. You can get a faint whiff of the dust that's in the air and surrounding the old philosophy books on the shelf. It's a cozy vibe. No leather.


Dry: The scent that evoked cannabis has softened down, making this an herbaceous vanilla. Still no leather.


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Agree that in the bottle there doesn't seem to be much there - maybe ancient dust?

Applied to my skin, I start to get some vaguely sweet powder. This is basically my entire experience of Ü. No leather, nothing recognizably vanillic. I think cannabis would be an improvement!

Even a couple hours later, it's just powder. 


I've only had it for a month now, so it's possible it could improve with age. When I first tried it on it was screamingly loud sweet powder, and at least now it's more subtle. I might not be able to wear it on my skin. 

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is my nose broken?  so weird, i don't get anything remotely grassy or green.  what i do get is soft comfy leather, dry dusty vanilla, and a kind of wood-pulp-papery note.  dusty, leathery, vanillic, surprisingly sweet, a little musty in a dry way. as my skin chemistry takes over, the vanilla shuffles to the front of the pack. 


no complaints here, because i LOVE this.  

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