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I have an imp purchased in 2020.


This scent opens and closes with red musk. For the longest time, I never got past the dry red musk opening.


However, this time around, I kept it on all day and got to experience the dry down. When I sniff my wrist, I get a dry, spicy wood scent - an even combination of sandalwood and rosewood. The woods may be dry and subdued, but they are also magnetic. Unfortunately, I only detect that when I hold my wrist to my nose. I otherwise seem to be exuding a cloud of pale red musk, like head shop incense clinging to my clothes.


As the day wears on, the woods wear off. Fenris spends hours in that pale red musk phase.


I will try this again in the future, to see if I can hang on to the woody phase longer. As it stands, this is perfectly pleasant but I do not find it particularly compelling.

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UHHHH everyone saying this is a masculine scent must have verrry different skin chemistry than I 😅 On me this is total sexy girlsmell...not that scents really need to have genders or specific types they fit into (everyone wear whatever they please) but if I asked other people to sniff me I would say they'd agree! This is all about the rosewood and amber, at least on my skin. It's so so so sexy. This is a little-red-dress-big-black-dominatrix-boots kind of scent for me... but now I want to try it on my boyfriend and see if he gets any of that sexy sexy musk.... much experimenting to be done! I will be wearing this one FREQUENTLY though.... perhaps I'll upgrade to a whole bottle!

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