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BPAL Madness!

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I worried a little about this one, metal often turns to screaming and headaches on me


In the imp: high pitched citrus


Wet: sage, citrus, and amber. Not navel orange, maybe orange and lemon?


Dry: the amber pulls back and is just the citrus and the sage. The sage starts fading and I get a nice sweet citrus.


I rather like it.

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Source: Forum Trade

Preconceptions: Figured it'd be too weird to wear, but thought what the heck.


Bottle Sniff: Leather, and oiled bronze. Huh.

Initial Skin: Mostly leathery cologne.

Drydown: The "cologne leather" accord jumps to "dazzling floral" and back again. Kind of confusing for my nose. But ultimately it settles into an ozone-smoke. Which isn't something you run across every day.


Verdict: Fits the namesake. Ozone Smoke over-top gently leathered vanilla skin. Unisex, medium-far throw.

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Initial notes surprise me, it smells almost like urine, like a festival restroom (yuck...). Sort of in the same way that Jasmine can sometimes do this.

I will have to wait a little for the dry-down, but 10 mins after applying the scent has not changed.


Edit to add: after about 2 hours, some of the sharpness of the scent has faded which makes it a lot better. However, there is still a hint of the wet scent left and I am not really a fan. Maybe sage is not for me. Also, I don't get metal notes at all as I read in others' descriptions. 

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