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The Hinderers.
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This is a very pale, "flat," almost plasticky floral that reminds me, for some reason, of the "cold" quality in Sepulcher. I keep catching wisps of scent as I type, scent that's alternatingly a thin sweetness and a soapy, icy weirdness. I like this one a lot - I have no idea why - but it fades all too quickly.

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Ghagiel is definitely floral, very light with a transparent aquatic quality. I can pick out lily in particular, and indeed this blend is reminiscent of Ophelia and Desdemona which are both watery florals with a lily note. There has to be more than just lily giving off the floral impression but it's hard to pick out anything else in particular. I think there may also be rice flower present, but a milder one than I've previously encountered because I'm not stankin' of meat. There's a subdued spicy feeling present to Ghagiel as well, though it doesn't read as fiery or hot at all. My first thought was pepper, but it could possibly be carnation instead (or in addition to). It's such a quiet and beautifully simple floral with a charming underscore of spice. I like this one for sure, I would love to find a 10ml of it someday.

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I'm guessing myrrh and florals on this one. It's got a vague aquatic vibe to it, and perhaps a brush of lily and sweet pea.


Yeah, so not me.

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