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  1. zillah37

    The Organ Grinder (2006)

    In the bottle: Whew! I’m not quite sure about this one. At first it’s pine, almond milk, and tobacco. It’s a little harsh and nauseating. I’m a little afraid to try it on my skin to be honest. On my skin: Okay, so this is much, much nicer on my skin. The almond milk is soft and smooth and it pretty much takes over all the other scents. I do get just a hint of patchouli and tobacco smoke, but none of the pine bark or sarsparilla. It’s not really a scent for me because there’s still a hint of something nauseating in the background. I don’t really like it that much. Final verdict: This is so different than the rest of the scents in the Carnaval. It’s not me at all, but it’s definitely interesting.
  2. zillah37

    Midnight on the Midway (2006)

    In the bottle: This reminds me of a more floral Midway. It’s more grown up then Midway, but with the same sugar background. On my skin: The florals come out strong at first, but they seem to be coated in sugar and spice. I can’t really smell it after a few minutes even with my nose right up against my knee (I’m out of arm space) which is exactly what happened with Midway too. Bah. It was really starting to get pretty there. Final verdict: This is a grownup Midway that fades immediately. *sighs* I wish it didn’t because it was starting to turn into a sugar scent that worked on me.
  3. As you approach an enormous patchwork tent, a curious sound catches your attention: the rattle of bones and the tinkling of tiny bells heralds the arrival of a gaunt and ghastly creature. An animated skeleton dressed in a jester's motley saunters towards the front of the tent, waving an orange and black striped cane at the crowd in an effort to clear a path. The jester makes his way past the fog-shrouded, faded, colossal posters that adorn the tent to a platform in front of the massive tent's entrance. His ivory smile frozen in a gleeful rictus grin, he steps up onto the platform, taps the cane three times, and the jester costume vanishes. Suddenly dark eyes appear in the empty sockets, bones are wrapped in muscle, sinew grows over the bones, blood fills rapidly appearing veins. Before your eyes, the skeletal jester has become a dapper, handsome man, dressed in black and orange, with a skull-ornamented straw hat tilted jauntily upon his shining black hair. His smile is slick and conspiratorial. With a flourish and arcing wave of his cane, he booms: “Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! This is Carnaval Diabolique's notorious 13-In-1: the finest freak show in all the Hells! What marvels await you, you ask? Simply the strangest and most fantastic creatures, human and inhuman, gathered for your entertainment, enlightenment and erudition!” With the cane, he gestures at the gigantic posters that adorn the tent. The images, once hazy, suddenly come into focus. “From the depths of the Black Forest: Arachnina, the Spider Girl! From the rain-swept streets of London: Hope and Faith, the Siamese Twins! From ruins of old Aquae Sextia: Wulric, the Wolf Man! "Thalassa, the Galapagos Mermaid! A vision of life-in-death, Eshe! "All in all, THIRTEEN anatomical curiosities, miracles of genetics, magick and science, masters of marvels, ALIVE ON THE INSIDE!” White musk, wild plum, vetiver, black coconut, verbena, fig, and lavender. In the bottle: This is another very complex scent. It's got a hint of verbena and lavender which gives it a sharpness but the coconut, vetiver and plum balance it out. On my skin: Oh wow. This is so great! Coconut and plum with a hint of verbena. However, it doesn't last. It becomes something that doesn't work on my skin. It becomes too lemony sugar on my skin. I wish the plum and coconut stuck around longer. The first part of the scent works so well, but after it morphs it just doesn't work at all. Final verdict: If I could figure out how to make the first half stick around, I'd be thrilled to death. Again, another lovely scent that just doesn't work on my skin sadly.
  4. A flash of light and the smell of sulfur seize your attention. A vast black tent stands before you, subtly glowing with an unnatural, almost phosphorescent light. This tent has no pennants, no ornamentation, save for a carved ebony sign, lettered in silver: “Master Theodosius Legerdemain, Medium, Conjurer One thousand years of marvels. Enter at your peril.” Another flash blinds you, and from a swirl of smoke a rakish, devilishly handsome man appears, long black hair falling down halfway to his waist, elegant and sinister in an inky silk tuxedo and a voluminous cape. The shadow he casts against the tent, oddly, seems to be that of an enormous corvus, and his eyes radiate a deep azure light. Staring fixedly at you, he snaps his fingers, and two bolts of violet lightning strike the ground on either side of him, blinding you momentarily. As your eyes adjust, you see that two lovely, slender, waiflike women now stand upon the scarred ground beside him, dressed in tattered ballerina costumes the nebulous color of smoke. Turning to his right, he touches the woman's lips and says, “Seachd seachd uair!” She opens her mouth, and a flock of diminutive bats fly forth from her throat. Turning to his left, he touches the other woman's hair and repeats, “Seachd seachd uair!” What once was a gleaming mane of stark white hair is now a nest of writhing vipers. She opens her mouth, baring fangs, and spits forth a thin stream of venom. The Master swirls his cape, which suddenly seems to grow and twist like a living shadow, and in a final flash of red lightning and a deafening thunderclap, he and both his assistants vanish. Earl Grey tea leaves, a white fougere, jasmine leaf, pearlescent white musk, and vanilla bean. In the bottle: I can't pick out any of the scents individually to be honest except for the lightest hint of vanilla bean. It's a very sophisticated masculine scent, the musk and tea leaves reminding me of my grandfather. Especially because of the hint of vanilla bean behind it. He always smoked vanilla pipe tobacco and constantly had just a hint of vanilla on him. On my skin: This does not smell good on my skin, but I'm not surprised by that at all. It's a lot of scents that don't match with my skin and when combined become very masculine. However, it's very light and subtle with a wonderful combination of musk, tea leaves, and vanilla bean. Final verdict: This is a scent for a man, at least to me. I'm pretty sure it won't smell good on the boy because scents that are too light don't work for him. However, I think this will work great on my dad. It's a beautiful scent that's blended wonderfully.
  5. A chittering buzz rises from a small crowd that has gathered around an opulent velvet-draped tent. Some are fidgeting impatiently; others try in vain to peep within the tent. Within moments, a slim, stunningly handsome man emerges from the entryway to the sound of gasps and scattered applause. His face is lit with fierce joy, and he bows almost smugly to the assemblage. Grabbing a flirtatious blonde from the mob, he kisses her in a rush of mad passion, his arm encircles her waist, and he leads her directly to a nearby opium den.The crowd disperses, and curiosity pulls you forward. You push open the fringed, beaded tent-flap and enter the dimly-lit room. A lovely, voluptuous redhead stands before an ornate antique easel. Her luminous alabaster skin and the phosphorescence emanating from her paintbrush seem to be the only source of light. As you adjust to the gloom, you see that the walls are covered with atrocities: an exhibit of dissolution. The myriad canvases show men and women in various stages of rot and decay, a panoply of indulgence, teeth set in fury, mouths leering in lust, hands grasping greedily. The scarlet woman turns her gleaming sightless eyes towards you and, in a husky, compelling voice, she speaks: “Why let the years tear at your youthful splendor? Why let the mark of your sins stain your fine features? Will you let the cold, creeping grasp of time and the toil of temptation mar your visage? Why should the pleasures of our flesh wreak such havoc?” She leans in close to you and whispers, “Let me capture your soul on this canvas in oil and blood, and you will be beautiful forever.” Hyson tea leaf, pale mint, sugar cane, orange blossom, lemongrass, and honey. In the bottle: Mint tea and lemongrass. It's light and subtle. This smells like a cup of mint tea through and through. It's very calm and comforting. On my skin: It's much stronger on my skin, but it's still a mint tea. The honey is coming out more and it's god, it's just a cup of mint tea with honey on my skin. I love it! Final verdict: I'm not usually a tea person, but this is so gorgeous. It becomes a little more citrus the longer it's on, but for the most part it's just a beautiful mint tea scent that reminds me of nights when I was a kid and my mom and I would sip tea together and watch movies.
  6. From the corner of your eye, you see what seems to be a swirl of pale, translucent spirits. Ghostly in form, their faces are masks of pain and fury. Their insubstantial bodies churn and roil around a hissing, wailing clown. Her greasepaint is smeared with tears, and her fanged crimson mouth is turned down in a vicious scowl while blood drips from her lips. Her costume is torn and threadbare, and a steel-bright glint around her waist draws your eyes to an arsenal of razors, knives, and cleavers hanging from her belt. She swats futilely at the spirits as she shoves and scratches her way through the crowd. Guava, orange peel, white pepper, spun sugar and apple blossom. In the bottle: How does Beth do this? Seriously. It's a gorgeously blended scent full of sweetness and fruit and apples. There's just a hint of the white pepper, but it grounds the scent and keeps it from being too sweet. It's so pretty! On my skin: Guava! And apple blossom. This is a soft, sweet, fruity scent that has a very light throw, but a great bouquet up close. It reminds me quite a bit of The Perfumed Garden, but without the slightly overpowering fruit that one has. It's so pretty! Final verdict: This is very light and pretty. It's a great summery scent which makes me a little sad we're going into the fall. *laughs* It's very pretty and I really think folks who like fruity scents should definitely try this one.
  7. zillah37

    Doc Constantine (2006)

    As you pass the tiny stage, you come across a large canvas tent, illuminated within, the exterior dotted with odd splatters. In front of the tent stands a scorched wooden cart covered in a jumble of bottles, jars, vials and twisted steel implements, and an elaborate, gold-gilded sign reads: “Doc Constantine Cures What Ails Ye! Liniments, salves, potions and elixirs for every malady of the body and spirit!” A scream splits the air, jarring you. You see shadows move jaggedly within the tent, there is another scream, and all is suddenly still and silent. After a long heartbeat, the door flap opens. A man steps out wearing a crystal-eyed schnabel mask in the style of medieval plague doctors, carmine streaking his sleeves, vest, and the blonde hair that crowns him. He pulls off the mask, and you see a handsome figure, almost beatific. He rolls a cigarette, lights it, takes a deep pull, and winks at you slyly as he gestures at the multitude of concoctions he has for sale. A bent crone, her body as bowed and knotty as an ancient oak, shuffles up to the wagon with rosy-cheeked, tow-headed maiden following her at a small distance. As she approaches the doctor, the crone gestures at herself, running a gnarled hand down her body in a sweeping movement, and casting a sideways glance at her grandchild. Smiling an angel's smile, Doc Constantine hands the old woman a potion the color of cold, congealed blood. She drinks it quickly, gasping. Before your eyes her body shimmers and blurs, and a shower of dark sparks seems to engulf her. Where the crone stood, there is now a voluptuous, raven-haired vixen, vibrant, sensual, at the prime of her life and sexual vitality. Her shriek of joy is interrupted by another's scream of shock: the rigors of age have not vanished; they have moved aside, and the young woman has aged horribly, taking on the crone's burden. Sheer musk, cedar smoke, fir needle, black amber and leather. In the bottle: Ohhh. This is fir and leather and musk with amber in the background. This is all the things I love on men all rolled up in one. I'm going to skin test it on myself, but I really think this is going to be immediately slathered on the boy when he gets home tonight. On my skin: Immediate throw as soon as it touches my skin. It's fir trees and cedar smoke. It's a crackling fire in the middle of the woods and leather from a well-worn saddle. It's kind of soapy on me, but I don't care. This is just so, so sexy. Final verdict: This is one of the most wonderful manly scents I've smelled. It's rugged and sexy and somehow refined as well. It makes me want to lick my arm and frankly that kind of worries me. But it really makes me want to decorate the boy!
  8. Behind the diminutive stage, the puppet mistress stands, a pale and grinning Professor, the Lady of Chaos. Her hands are tangled in web-like strings; a swazzle peeks through her violet lips. Behind her, you see a wavering image, with all the vague haziness of a mirage: a leaping coyote, a flame-haired and scarred Norseman, a glittering golden spider, a laughing monkey, a leering satyr, a shadowy flutist, and an African youth dressed in black and red. Jasmine sambac, dark musk, violet water, vanilla bean and mimosa. I just took a nice long sniff of coffee beans to clear the nose so let's keep on going. *g* In the bottle: Erm. Jasmine and violet. Neither are scents I like at all. They turn to rotting flowers on my skin. It's got a hint of the mimosa in the background though so I'm hopeful that something else will end up on my skin instead of the rotting flowers. On my skin: Ah! Jasmine! [backs away] Oh god, I'm not getting anything but jasmine from this and it's making me not want to sniff anymore. But I will. There's still mimosa in the background, but it's all being drowned out by the jasmine. I can't seem to get anything else from it. Final verdict: No, no, no. I can't take this much jasmine. This is definitely not for me.
  9. zillah37

    Pulcinella & Teresina

    Your eyes are drawn to a gilded miniature stage whose sign reads: "All Praises to the Lord of Misrule!" Upon the platform, a sneering wooden jester waltzes with a hollow-eyed and bleeding wooden maiden, while a wooden devil floats above them. Labdanum, cedar, teak and red rose. In the bottle: I get the cedar and red rose but there's something sour behind it. I'm not sure what that is. There's definitely labdanum in there, but that doesn't smell sour to me. On my skin: It's a very sharp wood scent with a hint of rose, not a heavy rose at all. It's barely there unless I stick my wrist against my nose. It's mostly woods with that sour scent still playing in the background. Final verdict: This is a really pretty wood scent, but whatever it is that's turning it sour is turning me off. I might try it on the boy though. He does well with wood scents and I think the rose would add just enough softness to it to make it smell really amazing on him.
  10. A colorless woman bursts from an elaborate gold and ruby tent and faints dead at your feet. Soft laughter emits from the dark entrance to the tent, and the scent of musk, black fruits and incense touches your senses. Looking up, you see that the sign hovering above the unconscious woman is adorned with images of the Major Arcana’s Tower and reads: “Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller. No fate too grim, no future too bleak.” A tiny woman with floor-length black dreadlocks walks out of the tent, stepping over the prone body. She is clothed in deep red wrappings, and is bedecked in golden ornaments bearing alchemical symbols and charms representing eternity, chance, and wisdom. She pauses, looks you over slowly, and then flicks a tarot card at your feet. Red musk, vanilla bean, pomegranate, patchouli leaf and wild plum. In the bottle: Oh wow. I don't even know how to start. This is so complex! Everything blends so beautifully together to create this warm, sexy scent. It makes me think of a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. On my skin: This is a dark red oil because of the red musk. That's the first thing I noticed. *g* On my skin, it's a lot lighter than I expected. Honestly, it reminds me a lot of a very light Snake Oil mixed with just a hint of Queen of Spades. Considering those are two of my favourite scents ever, I'm over the moon right now. Can I please bathe in this? There's just a hint of something that reminds me of tobacco which I think is the patchouli leaf. It adds a certain rawness to the scent. Final verdict: This is absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to have to stockpile this one before the run is over. I'm completely in love!
  11. zillah37

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    An exquisite, enigmatic woman sidles up to you, bearing a tray of strange, dusty curios, chocolate creatures, serpentine taffy, and candied skulls. Her skin is dusky, her eyes are heavy-lidded and sensual, her hair is the fine, soft white of spun sugar, and her skin is softly scented with cocoa. She holds a shrunken head aloft, and beckons. Dark chocolate with a heavy cream undertone. In the bottle: Cocoa. Thick, sweet cocoa. It smells like a very rich dark chocolate that makes you want to lick your lips and eat another piece. I used to work in a chocolate store and this reminds me of the dark truffles, sweet and heavy and rich and just so delicious. On my skin: This pretty much stays exactly like it smells in the bottle. It's gorgeous and just so foody. However, the longer it stays on my skin it starts to get a little sugary and slightly plastic. But that fades and I think that's just a short phase because it again settles down to chocolate and cream. Final verdict: This is a lovely scent and it's another chocolate lovers dream. Personally I like Bliss a little more, but I'm very happy to have a bottle of this onhand for when I want something a little creamier than Bliss.
  12. zillah37

    The Phantom Calliope

    Ghostly, glowing, sweet and dark: black cherry, patchouli, cassis, cardamom and verbena. In the bottle: Cherry! Cherry and cassis and cardamom. *swoons* This is gorgeous and dark and thick. It reminds me a little of Red Phoenix in the bottle, but much, much sweeter because of the cherry. On my skin: Cherry and cardamom hit me first with just a slight undertone of the patchouli. The strong cherry pretty much overpowers the patchouli and is making it behave. Yay! The longer it's on my skin, the less sweet it gets and the more smoky and spicy it becomes. I'm not getting the verbena, but the spices are gorgeous and sexy. It's not a subtle scent, but it's a very sexy feminine scent at the same time. Final verdict: This is a powerful feminine scent. It says I know what I want and I will kick your ass to get it. But at the same time it's full of sex appeal. I really like this a lot. It has a light throw, but I didn't apply much at all. Hopefully it will increase when I put on a full amount. ETA 9/3: Wore this one today and while I still love it muchly, I had a horrible reaction when I put it on my neck. Woe! Will this stop me from wearing it? Heck no! But I think I'll be sticking to wearing it on my wrists or in my hair. *g*
  13. zillah37

    Carnaval Diabolique

    Straight from the twisted alleys of Dis, by way of the City of Angels: opium smoke, lemon flower, heliotrope, tuberose, black musk, vanilla, coconut, apricot flower. In the bottle: Coconut and lemon flower hit me first. It smells very soft and invigorating. It's beautiful and makes me think of lemon candies. Behind the softness is a hint of opium smoke, giving it a very ominous feeling. On my skin: I applied just a dab to my wrist since lemon and I tend to not get along. I've found that applying very lightly can downplay the lemon. I didn't want to overpower everything else. It starts off being lemon, but it fades fast to a smoky musk with a hint of vanilla and apricot. There's just a hint of the lemon now and it's just beautiful. Soft and subtle. Final verdict: This is beautiful. I'm not entirely sure it's a scent for me because it's a bit too citrus on me. It's great for someone who is looking for a soft citrus scent that's creamy and smoky at the same time. It has a very light throw, but keep in mind I didn't apply much at all so the throw might be stronger with more oil.
  14. zillah37

    Lotus Moon 2006

    Okay. Wow this is one of those scents. The ones you expect to go one way, but end up completely different. Lotus on my skin = bubblegum. But I'm a huge fan of pine resin and amber so I decided to pick up a bottle. In the bottle: lotus, lotus and more lotus. Nothing else. It smells like bubblegum to my nose. Wet: Bubblegum. I get the typical lotus presentation on my skin and end up taking small sniffs of it to see if it'll change. And oh boy does it. The lotus gets tamed by the pine resin and amber and becomes this almost spicy, smokey scent that's just so sexy. I'm so amazed by this scent. I never expected lotus to smell like this. This proves yet again how amazingly talented Beth is at her craft.
  15. zillah37

    Litha 2006

    In the bottle: This is a warm, spiced mead with a strong hint of honeysuckle. Wet: Mead! And honey. Almost overpowering honey actually. As it dries it becomes softer, more herbally, but it quickly turns back to mead and honey. It morphs repeatedly on my skin back and forth between the lighter more herbal scent and the strong mead/honey. I like both actually, so I'm pretty happy with it. This gets an B+ from me.