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BPAL Madness!

Death Cap

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A lethal poison bundled up in a dainty, innocent little package that was oft times found in ancient witches’ flying ointments and astral projection balms. A warm, soft, ruddy scent, earthy and mild.


It's a nice blend of sweet, freshly turned earth and patchouli. The patchouli isn't overwhelming to me like it can be sometimes. It's dirty, but quite wearable.

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ok , the ones with no listed notes drive me a little crazy.  i should just sit back and enjoy the experience, but my nose wants to deconstruct it, so i worry at it! 


my guesses, from most sure to least:


coconut husk

something vanillic but not quite vanilla - benzoin? 

soft woods, but not cedar.  - sandalwood? 

brown musk



anyway, it's pretty great!  soft, sweet, earthy, a little powdery, a little woodsy.  right in my wheelhouse.  

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The first thing I thought when I first put this on is, "This smells like a raw, dirt-covered potato." As time goes on, wafts of sweet incense joins the notes, but the raw, starchy, dirt-covered potato remains the main note. I'm super intrigued by a potato scent. It's definitely its own niche. But I'm not sure what would be the appropriate occasion to wear this.

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