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BPAL Madness!

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A fast-acting, potent money blend. Used for spellwork that focuses on specific financial goals. Use also to anoint your piggy bank, wallet, and paper money to ensure that you are never striken by poverty.

I am using this now because I am in absolutely dire financial straights and need to aquire some money/make some headway on paying off vet bills/ student loans.

I annointed my wrists and my wallet with it as directed.

But I have to admit, the smell is distracting me from the purpose because it's so delicious- spicy and fruity at the same time. It's peppermint with cinnamon (actually, it reminds me a bit of Three Witches) and a touch of orange- a spicy fruity smell. Quite delicious. Do I detect a hint of fig in here? Perhaps. It smells something like mulled cider but there's still that orange as well.

It comforts me - maybe that's how it begins working on money woes- by tackling the panic first.

And yet... something in here somehow reminds me of copper coins- there is a metallic chaser to the
whole concoction.

I will update this post as I see if this is an effective working oil. Edited by Shollin

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I tried Money for the first time today - well, because I also need money, mainly because of the Sept 1st update, ha ha ha!


In the bottle - mmm, spicy!


On me (well, and my wallet) - wow, this is gorgeous! Cinnamon and other spices, maybe some incense, and then something fruity in the background - apple? I'm not sure, I'm really bad at notes.


But, it's beautiful.


How effective is it? No luck so far. I'll post if anything changes. But I think it's worth it for the scent.

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In Bottle: Spicy fruit


On Skin: The spice in this is very metallic. Wow, yes it reminds me of money. When you hold coins in your hand for too long? A super metallic note. Actually, it’s quite icky and I’m not sure if I can handle this. I’m thinking it’s the fruity note mixed with clove. The fruit… hmm… dark, maybe a berry or fig. I’m going to try this on my wallet because I really can’t wear it sadly. The throw is VERY strong and it has a long wearlength.

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Bottle: Clove


Wet: Clove and Orange. I annointed my husband's wallet, the inside of it, to keep the money in.

He's the breadwinner in our family and we're hoping he'll get a great review, a bonus and a raise this month.


Drydown: I also smell a bit of the metallic scent that makes me think money. Hopefully I'll report back with positive feedback!

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Talk about fast acting!! Just about everytime that I use this I get fast money :P I have to admit that it smells really good, sorta herbaceous with a pine or some kind of wood. It's complex and fun~ I think I might need to get more !

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This one is incidental - but still.


I managed to purchase a Money decant off Lycanthrope's decant circle. His package arrived and in the mailbox was our long-awaited, and oft delayed, tax return.


Maybe it was just coincidence, but it was a gratifying one nonetheless. I will post here once I actually use the oil, but I felt that it's arrival was worth the mention in the meantime.



ETA: Dec 2008

So I used it the other week, hoping to have my sales pick up ----- AND THEY DID. Way more magnificently than I imagined. I was just about cleared out. And wow, yeah, it works. The smell is kinda metallic, herbally. It wasn't unpleasant per se, but it wasn't perfume either.


And I just used like a drop.




Perhaps I should invest in a bottle. :P

Edited by zankoku_zen

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