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BPAL Madness!

What Scent Is This?

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Recently I received a purchase from Ralenth with goodies in it! She included a 'Mystery' imp that I think said it was bpal? Maybe? That or just a mystery all in all lol

To me BPAL has a pretty distinct smell and it seems like it probably was a bpal oil(I'll have to check the label again).


I would love to know what this might be!

It smells EXACTLY like shoving your nose into a trick or treat bag filled with a mish mosh of all kinds of candies and goodies. First sniff I almost thought it was Giljagaur! Then upon further huffing it reminded me a bit of my yummy and cozy The Inn goblin squirt!

I cannot even begin to pick out notes in it! I'm not that good, I just know it smells really delicious!

Any ideas?

I've never had the pleasure of smelling the SN: Last Year's Stale Candy Corn but this is how I would imagine it!

Sticky Pillowcase?



Or maybe Trick or Treat? The sticky sweet scent of candy corn!

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