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BPAL Madness!

Fig, Autumn Amber, and Tobacco

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This is delightful, but unexpected. I love the figgy woodiness of The Grave Pig and I love the Lab's various tobacco types. I've had Fig, Autumn Amber, and Tobacco for about a week now and to me it smells like applewood. Not smoky, but literally like warm wood and the fig seems more apple-y to me. I like it! This is a great scent for when it starts to get chilly outside. 

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This has a bougie autumn candle feeling. Gorgeous fig upfront backed up by amber and tobacco. It is slightly spicy/woody, and I can't tell if there is a hint of dried leaves or if it is just the tobacco giving that sort of effect. It's warming and very autumnal, and somehow very elegant while also being homey. 

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