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  1. Bamels

    #20 Love Oil

    Frimp: A wonderfully, edible, herbal, rose. Florals go soapy on me, so we'll see how long this lasts (I can taste soap as I'm typing). From a distance this smells lovely, but when I sniff my wrist I am starting to smell soap. It's dry now, and while it is not horrendously soapy, it's still not something I would wear.
  2. Bamels


    Frimp: I just purchased a bottle of Ranger after falling in love with the frimp. We'll see how this goes. I amp leather, so that is automatically what I can smell first. Hmm, baby powder is coming out. Leather and baby powder is a bizarre combination! It smells nicer now, the balance seems better. But I already have 2 leather scents so am unsure what this has to offer me. I do like the softness of it though, so will keep the imp and see how often I use it.
  3. Bamels

    Le Lèthè

    Frimp: My second red musk note frimp. It smells like an expensive incense stick in the imp. A syrupy smell is starting to come out of the spice as this dries. I'm not keen on the outcome on my skin. I think there is a floral in there which has messed with the syrup. It's a pass from me.
  4. Bamels


    Frimp: This smells like Dr Pepper in the imp. I can smell aniseed as it's drying. This doesn't have as much throw as I thought it would do. It's a lovely soft, sweet scent. But I'm not sure how often, if ever, I would wear this. A few minutes after writing this, and the smell is gone.
  5. Bamels

    The Mahogany Tree

    Frimp. I can smell sticky sweet syrupy wine and currants. I don't think this has aged well. It still smells the same when dried, something has turned, or it's just not agreeing with my skin. Off to swaps.
  6. Bamels


    Frimp. In the bottle it smells like a green, slightly piney menthol.As it dries I am getting a slight ghost of a smoke scent. Like I am walking through a pine forest and someone has a campfire going in the distance. A leather note is coming out as it dries (assuming the buckskin). I amp leather, so I feel like it may take over, which will be a shame! It's now dry and the leather isn't too strong. It's a wonderful scent. It reminds me slightly of De Sade, but less dark and moody, more woodsy. I can't tell if I want to keep it or not. I may hold onto it to see if I have an occasion to wear it.
  7. Bamels

    Black Phoenix

    Frimp. In the imp it smells like something in my food cupboard. A hidden chocolate stash maybe? Looking through others' responses, I can now pick out the almond. It's not too sweet or foody, which is nice. A soapy note is starting to come through now it's drying. It's getting softer as it dries, it's not unpleasant at all, but I was expecting a bit more of a WOW factor from it. It's gone slightly powdery now. I think this will go to the swaps as I don't wear powder scents any more.
  8. Bamels

    Hope and Fear Set Free

    I bought this purely for the bottle art as it is one of my favourite paintings. I think the frankincense is going to dominate the scent for me, but hopefully it will be wearable as I would hate to have to part with it! The bourbon vanilla is coming out to soften the frankincense as it's drying. It's turning a little soapy on me, so I'm not entirely sure when I'll wear it, but I do want to keep it.
  9. Bamels


    Frimp. In the bottle it smell like a car air freshner. I know there is no rose scent in there, but it really is quite rosy. Maybe the violet has turned funny on me?! It smells too artificial on me. I think i'll pass.
  10. Bamels


    Frimp. This smells like a clean scent. Looking at the notes, I am slightly dubious about the florals. It's currently drying, and it really does smell like an honest and truthful scent. I don't know how else to describe it! I can't work out if i like it. The frankincense is getting stronger though. It's definitely not an unpleasant scent, but I can't work out when I would wear it.
  11. Bamels


    Frimp. I hardly want to try it. Florals are not my friend, but on it goes. Floral soap when wet. Floral soap when dry. SWAP!
  12. Bamels


    Frimp. It contains my dreaded vetiver, I'll see what it does, but this is usually a note of death for me. Well, the leather is coming along but vetiver is still hanging around. It smells like a grunge club. But not in a great way. Pass.
  13. Bamels

    Litha 2006

    I bought this to wear when celebrating Litha, so am not hugely bothered about the smell, as long as it isn't horrendous. I can smell heavy florals in the bottle, and something that is almost soap, but not quite. It has a good throw. When on and wet, the florals die down, and I can smell something citrusy. Nice, like the sun It's really fun and full of sunny energy
  14. Bamels

    Mabon 2010

    I bought this to wear when celebrating Mabon, so I am not hugely bothered about the smell (unless it's horrendous). If it's great, fab, I'll wear it more often. If it's meh, eh, at least it's only once a year. Bottle smells slightly syrupy but with a sweet medicinal tang (hops?). When on, the tang dies down nicely and is leaving me with herbal syrup. It's a lovely scent and the perfect balance of power between Lammas and Samhain!
  15. Bamels

    Voodoo Lily

    Frimp. I don't like lily or florals so am scared to try this! It doesn't smell straight-up floral in the imp which is promising. It's kind of citrus-alcohol. On my wrist it smells of straight-up soap. Shame! No saving this one.