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  1. Karaline08

    Snake Smut

    This scent is incredible, the longer I've had it the more I love it. First applied, there is a little bit of a root-beery aspect, then it's all leathery spicy musky goodness, with a sweet earthy vanilla patchouli backing it all up. It has a kind of "body" to it (perhaps from the cardamom + musks), it's not quite funky, but it's not freshly showered either. Viiinylflowers above puts it perfectly, "lived in". It just instantly melds so well with my skin, while other perfumes might take hours to get that way. It feels simultaneously powerful, incredibly inviting, and a bit mysterious. It doesn't smell at all like smut to me, and I don't remember what snake oil smells like (I smelled it once in a shop years ago but it wasn't my style at the time), it's a unique beast to me. There is decent throw when first applied, after two or three hours it's mostly a skin scent. The longevity on me is incredible, after 12-24 hours later I can still smell earthy vanilla musk on my wrists. Mmmmm
  2. Karaline08


    Initially I get a lot of ginger from this for the first 10-20mins, it has a bite and depth to it that I just love, and then the ginger bite disappears as it dries down into an almost-floral white tea and, musk? There's sooomething sort of sweetening/deepening it that may be ginger, but I can't tell. I want more of that initial ginger bite, please come back! It does remind me a little of the drydown of Embalming Fluid. I really like this, going to try it in my hair to see if that extends the ginger kick.
  3. Karaline08

    Loup Garou

    Starts out with nothing but juniper, but in a few minutes it's got a nice ginger and woods backing it. Very green and natural smelling, I really like it at this stage! Towards the end... soap. Not unpleasant soap, it actually smells a lot like a bar of sandalwood soap i've got stashed in my bathroom cupboard. Still, this is disappointing after all the wonderful green, and not what I was hoping for/want to wear as a perfume. Also not what I'd expect a werewolf to smell like (perhaps a werewolf after a very soapy bath LOL).