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  1. bygraveyardlight

    The Hall of Forgotten Gods Atmosphere Spray

    Incense and a definite charred note that makes me think of barbecue (not the food aspect, but the burnt-ness!). Really quite lovely, and i got complimented on my smell while wearing it to the store today !!
  2. bygraveyardlight

    Carved Wooden Abattoir

    Gorgeous spicy pine, with some dragon's blood and a metallic strangeness hovering in the background. I agree with the comparison to my beloved torch steeped in blood, if you like that one, give the slaughterhouse a try! It's beautiful!
  3. bygraveyardlight

    Dead Leaves, Boot Leather, and Sweet Grass

    If you like these notes, then this is a winner for sure. I LOVE this, quite possibly my favorite weenie of the year. It's perfectly balanced, the dead leaves don't drown anything out- it is perfectly evocative, balanced and lovely. Like a sexy, (not muddy!) cowboy.
  4. bygraveyardlight

    Jack In The Green

    Fresh, this is all green growing trees and forest floor- quite lively and lovely! After about an hour on the skin a sort of woody spice comes out and mingles with the greenery. This makes me think of springtime, it's beautiful!
  5. bygraveyardlight

    The Sheepfold, Moonlight

    This is my new perfect night-time scent. The overall vibe so cozy and comforting. I'm a huge hay whore and this hay is on the drier, greener end of things- the wool complements it perfectly, it's like a soft gentle dream in a barn with all the stars of the country watching over you- I'm in love! Theres a definite lovely cleanness to this scent too. It's making me think of a baby blanket- you know that scene in spirited away, the giant baby's room in the night- this scent is like a pile of squishy pillows and soft walls, with the gentle ambered yellow glow of the moon rounding all the edges. Ugh, I wanna live in a dark pillowy blanket world. How lovely would that be? Will have to procure a backup bottle!
  6. bygraveyardlight

    Fern, Red Clover, and Wild Lettuce

    Fresh in the bottle, it's all clover and leafy fern- very fresh and vegetal, like you're in a greenhouse in the spring, full of green growing things. On the skin it stays fresh and green, with a bit of sweetness from the clover holding things together. This is a decidedly 'clean' scent, but is nowhere near soapy to me, this is rolling around in a field of ferns n clovers in the spring, after a rainfall, all the stems getting crushed underneath you. Absolutely stunning, I want to snort this, inject it into my veins maybe? Suffice to say I'm obsessed.
  7. bygraveyardlight

    Torta Setteveli

    Storts off with a river of fudgy creamy milky chocolate, dries down to a delicious nutella-esque smooth, nutty chocolate confection. Scrumptious!!
  8. bygraveyardlight

    Autumn 1990

    In the bottle, this is stanky dead rotting leaves slapping you in the face.(which i love!) Once on the skin, the leaves calm down just a little and there's a strange, sharpness maybe? behind them (is that you, hairspray? Exhaust?) And the clove starts to peek out from under the leaf pile. I love the dead leaves note, the clove does not overpower it on me- they play nice, though they are both quite strong. This is very evocative, I adore stranger scents like this- I am so glad I got a bottle of this!! It's beautiful!
  9. bygraveyardlight

    Pomegranate, Brown Sugar, and Tobacco

    Scrumptious! in the bottle it's all juicy, fresh bright pomegranate. Seemingly single note pom like the others say- however on my skin, after a little time to calm down the brown sugar comes out, making the rambunctious pomegranate mature a little. The tobacco is hiding but is smoothing things out in the back, giving our pom crumble something stable to rest upon. This is a crisp, sticky-syrupy fruit dessert, she's delicious! When I saw this one I knew it would be lovely and I was right!
  10. bygraveyardlight

    Dead Leaves, Violet Candy, and Sugar Crystals

    In the bottle/wet, this is all in-your-face bell pepper esque DL (which I do love!) with a hint of something sweet underneath. After drydown, the leaves take a back seat and the gorgeously soft, sweet but not overwhelmingly so violets come out to play. I've had disagreements with violets in the past but these violets are beautiful, gentle, sweet and mind their manners i get a whiff of the dead leaves creeping about behind every so often- I absolutely adore this!! This is beautiful!
  11. bygraveyardlight

    Clinochlore Phoenix

    A softly shimmering, sweet cloud of pinky loveliness. This is not a commanding rose at all (which is good news for me!), in the bottle and on my skin it is soft- smooth- sugar dominant with a touch of fruitiness. My amateur snoot can't pick out the almond from ~the blendedness~ but I think it gives the sweetness more depth. I would wear this to tea with Titania and all the nymphs, it is not usual style but I'm surprised by how much I love it- I am very glad to have a bottle for when the fancy strikes!
  12. bygraveyardlight


    I adore Yorick with all my heart ❤️ The lab's deliciously rich, loamy dirt note- this is all you can smell in the bottle, but on the skin the note softens somewhat and this lovely gentle sweetness comes to rest underneath. I suppose that's the mold? Didn't know mold could smell so lovely and comforting! Smells like a mysterious, sexy grave digger who might also be a zombie?