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  1. MolyH

    Lady MacBeth

    I don't get any wine or thyme out of this at all. On me, it might as well be a tart berry single note. Which is not unpleasant, but I get the same thing but better out of Strawberry Moon. And I was so curious about what wine would smell like too! For the most part, this turns too juvenile and girlish on me to really fit the theme.
  2. MolyH

    Strawberry Moon 2022

    This smells more like strawberry candy to me than strawberries, maybe because it's so sugary and tart. US-made strawberry candy, too, the kind so sweet it makes my throat hurt.
  3. MolyH


    I've never had a problem with rose-scents--in fact, it's one of my favourite notes. I've never had a problem with cinnamon-scents. And yet somehow, this combination smells like sour soap on me. There's this strange, almost citrusy note that's driving me nuts trying to figure out what it is. I'm barely catching any rose either--it smells like my bottle of Peacock Queen that's been aged for too long or maybe exposed to the sun, where the rose has faded to this honey-ish scent that has barely any throw at all.
  4. MolyH


    I'm surprised to see so many mentions of lavender, because I don't get any at all from this. This is 90% nag champa with a dark sweetness from labdanum thrown in on me. It's warm and brown and rich and incredibly sweet incense. It's delicious. It also makes my two-year-old stand in front of me and sniff the air with all his might, which is the first perfume he has ever reacted to this way, so just for that, I think I need to get a big bottle.
  5. MolyH


    Very prominent frangipani for me, backed by jasmine. The rose and tuberose elements are practically non-existent to my nose. It's a very pleasant floral, I've got nothing against it, but I'm really not a floral kind of person.
  6. MolyH

    2004: Paper Phoenix

    Oh my god. Every two minutes, I get a whiff of pure Antique Lace among all the lavender and the Dorian and it makes me want to cry. This smells like the first hug I ever got.
  7. MolyH

    Blueberry Banana Cream Pie

    Mostly, this smells like a buttery, flaky pastry crust, with creamy banana, with a very slight pop of blueberry. I love it--makes me hungry though.
  8. MolyH


    I agree with the dirt, medicinal, peppery assessment. This is very dark and heavy in feel, like Czernobog, but more floral
  9. MolyH

    The Phantom Calliope

    At first, my heart sank, because I caught that disgusting maraschino cherry cough-syrup smell, but in less than 30 seconds, it had cleared up and left a very true cherry scent, backed by cinnamon and patchouli. It's very warm, spicy, almost fruit-cake-y. I'm glad I chose to try this on Christmas eve--it's so befitting. I think it might stay in my collection as a permanent fall/winter holidays favourite.
  10. MolyH

    Xanthe, The Weeping Clown

    Orangey, citrusy, sparkling with sugar, this smells like a big glass of fanta or sprite, bubbly with carbon dioxide.
  11. MolyH

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2015)

    I got this hoping for all the fruit notes in it--I'm a big fan of pomegranate, currant, and plum--but instead, this is nothing but red musk and vanilla. It might as well just be a duo for me. It's not unpleasant by any means, but I've got better vanilla , and too much musk tends to give me a headache by the end of the day. This was a big hit with the hubby though, and despite sounding like a very feminine scent, it works wonderful on him. Warm and dark and, well, witchy.
  12. MolyH

    Frog Moon 2021

    This smells more lemony-yellow than green to me, but it's still very lovely--juicy and fresh, with the sharp thrill of wasabi on top. It smells sweet, too, not in a sugary way, but in an almost fruity way. I suppose this smells very much like the concept of a big bowl of dewy limes. The weeb in me likes to think this is what Tsu smells like.
  13. MolyH

    Antonino, The Carny Talker

    This is nothing but lemon with a tiny touch of lavender on me. I would've been happy with plum, or coconut, or fig, or anything, but no. I get the two least interesting notes in a very interesting-sounding blend. This smells incredibly generic to me--the sort of inoffensive background scent I might find my mom perfuming her house with. And I don't like my mom.
  14. MolyH

    The Candy Butcher (2015)

    I swear to god I am catching an alcohol note in this, like a booze-centred chocolate. Something cognac-y. While it does smell good, as time goes on, the boozy-ness starts overwhelming the chocolate, and I smell like I spilled some kind of sweet cocktail all over myself. I think I need to hunt for a more true chocolate scent.
  15. MolyH

    Forge of Vulcan

    Aggressively sooty and smoky and metallic. It's like being punched in the face with a blacksmith workshop. Ugh, it's way too strong. I hate it. But the hubby loves it. Sigh.
  16. MolyH

    Ave Maria Gratia Plena

    The beginning of this scent was all sandalwood and lemon peel and absolutely lovely. As it dries, the florals in it slowly start to bloom on me until they've completely overwhelmed any wood or citrus notes about 45 minutes in. And now it's just a heavy, almost suffocating cloud of florals. And something about the blend of lily and jasmine and orris reminds me of a department store. Hm, pity.
  17. MolyH


    I keep all my BPAL perfumes in a solid wood cabinet, and when I use these perfumes, sometimes, a little bit of oil dribbles on the outside of the bottle, and as time passes, the inside of that cabinet has begun to smell like an unidentifiable swirl of complex scents. This perfumes smells exactly like the inside of that cabinet. Just an almost sharp chaotic mix of too many notes to pick out.
  18. MolyH

    The Love Potion

    Got this hoping for a fruity floral, but it's 95% just floral. I agree that fans of neroli will definitely like this, this is mostly a big bouquet of nerolis as the protagonist, with rose buoying it up. And this is more of a greenish rose than a rose in bloom. As someone who likes florals, this is very gorgeous, with a shocking resemblance to the label art. It really does make me feel like I'm sitting by a set of bay windows, opening out to a garden, mixing flowers and herbs.
  19. MolyH

    Brown Jenkin

    This smells like a Buddhist shrine on a tropical island in the scorched heat of the day. Hmm, maybe not tropical island. Those are often too humid. As other people said, this is a very dry scent. It honestly, I swear to god, smells furry and dusty. Even the coconut smells more like dried scrapings of coconut than the fruit itself. I'm not sure this is the coconut scent I'm looking for either--for me, the incense in this is almost the predominant note instead. EDIT: As it dries, the coconut comes through more and more, and now, it smells like a delicious, oven-baked coconut. This really scratches my coconut itch.
  20. MolyH

    Summer Rain

    I bought this because I was strongly craving a coconut scent, but I don't catch any coconut at all. Instead, it's a lavendery, rainy, soft clean scent, kind of what I expected Dirty to smell like. Even more amazing, I keep catching little whiffs of actual clean cement from this--no idea how Beth does it! I love rain scents. I love clean, crisp scents. So this is a definite keeper. But I'll have to get back on the hunt for coconut.
  21. MolyH


    This is so pink and pretty and feminine! It's violet and tea roses, like what it says on the tin, both scents distinct enough to immediately pick out, but also complements each other so well. Honestly, this brings to mind expensive dresses I bought for my daughter, with soft pink cotton lace. I don't know if I'll ever be in a girly enough mood to wear this
  22. MolyH

    Midnight on the Midway (2015)

    Flowery incense, with a touch of sweetness. It's a pity that I don't get the more interesting notes like blue musk or ozone that other people seem to be getting, but I can't really complain, because it's, in fact, pretty darn nice. A shockingly pretty, girlish scent for the opening to the Carnival Diabolique, in fact.
  23. MolyH


    I love pomegranates. My grandaunt used to have a pomegranate tree in her yard (maybe she still does, I don't know), and when I was little, I used to go by when it bore fruit and steal them. I'm sure she would've given them to me if I'd asked, but there was something about the adventure of sneaking up, snatching one, and hiding it away to enjoy that made them that much more delicious. This perfume smells like my fingers did afterwards, stained with purple-pink juices, with a dash of rose, my favourite floral. This lived up to everything the name and the description suggested.
  24. MolyH

    The Rose

    Looking for a replacement to my Peacock Queen, but while this is indeed a lovely, true rose scent, it's not the furiously in-bloom deep red of Peacock Queen. This is a much lighter rose--like a pink or yellow rose. It's in bloom, but not quite at the height of it yet, covered with dew. On the other hand, this is a great rose perfume for people who want rose, but not ROSE. It also smells goddamn fantastic on my daughter.
  25. MolyH

    Sherlock Holmes

    I don't know what it is, but something in this smells very creamy and sweet to me. I swear, I keep thinking I catch a hint of vanilla. This is a beautifully subtle blend of tobacco and leather, two notes that my skin likes to amp up to the point of artificial blahness behaves perfectly here. This is everything I've ever wanted out of the concept of tobacco and leather. It's like lifting a beloved violin out of a worn leather case in a room where the scent of tobacco has soaked into the wallpaper from regular smoking. Not quite so pungent as someone lighting a cigarette next to you, just the suggestion of smoking in the air.